1. rpalumbo's Avatar
    While looking to see what will be happening at the taste of Chicago this year I came across this site:

    The Sheraton Hotel Chicago Offers BlackBerry Detox

    Besides that they make referral to "crackberry", unfortunately not about the website we have come to know and love. I think this is very interesting. You can now check your blackberry at the front desk. How funny is that

    I wonder if Kevin has seen this!!
    06-04-08 04:33 PM
  2. jcm4's Avatar
    That's pretty funny.

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    06-05-08 12:07 AM
  3. Garz's Avatar
    Detox is for quitters!!
    06-05-08 12:14 AM
  4. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    Rant on:

    Actually IMO I don't think it's funny, I think it's pathetic. People needing help to separate from their BB. WTF. This whole BB addiction thing (again IMO) is about one of the most idiotic things ever.

    I'm going to keep saying it even if no one agrees, in the end it is a damn phone. It does not make you important, sexy, beautiful, smart, likable, witty, classy or better than ayone else who has anything else, It just means you have a smartphone. And if you think you are addicted to it, then yes, the phone IS the smart one.

    Rant off.
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    06-05-08 12:21 AM
  5. Apollo_Creed's Avatar
    There was something similar here in Atlanta about 6 months ago. Check your Berry in and all that. I never did it!!

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    06-05-08 12:27 AM
  6. elykmar's Avatar
    One heck of a rant but I love my berry

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    06-05-08 12:27 AM
  7. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    One heck of a rant but I love my berry

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    I like mine too, but damn can we get a little perspective.

    And where are you in the Nutmeg State? Bloomfield here.
    06-05-08 12:30 AM
  8. Apollo_Creed's Avatar
    IMO, it's funny as **** to me!!

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    06-05-08 12:40 AM
  9. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    IMO, it's funny as **** to me!!

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    I'm sure you wont be alone, and I readily acknowledge I am the minority opinion.
    06-05-08 12:44 AM
  10. kickinitlive247's Avatar
    Hey some people are mentally weak and need rehab, that's just a sad fact of life.
    I totally agree with amazingly graceless (again!)
    Some people just don't have the mental fortitude to control themselves and take responsibility for their actions.
    I love my bb and cb too, but its just a tool, like my car or my watch or my shoes

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    06-05-08 01:31 AM
  11. avt123's Avatar
    The human mind can get addicted to anything.
    06-05-08 01:52 AM
  12. pjurbina's Avatar
    I chose to wake up to the alarm of my berry (I own an alarm clock) look at my missed call logs, my emails and text messages after I turn the alarm off. Take a shower to come out and read my emails and texts (replies). Drive to work and return emails and text messages at a red light. Get to work (on set, no office) with berry in hand, go to the rest room with berry in hand, eat with berry in hand, talk to others, with berry in hand. Go home and berry is still in hand. I agree (again!) its not about status, looks, or intellect, or mental dysfunction, PRODUCTIVITY (no way!) Or anything of that nature, it's about being smart enough to pick a smart PHONE that rocks! Of course IMO. Oh and I wish my shoes could help me be productive...now my car, hmmmm.
    06-05-08 02:02 AM
  13. Apollo_Creed's Avatar
    I look at it this way. I quit the worse habit I had 4 months ago and that was smoking cigarettes. If people rather be addicted to their Berries and not drugs, I'm all for it!!! Myself, yes I love my Berry and hold it more than I do my wife. We all do things by choice but I'll never go and say I have a problem with carrying info when I need it with me. There's nothing wrong with that!! I don't know, I guess to eachs own!!

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    06-05-08 02:15 AM
  14. kickinitlive247's Avatar
    Hey, good comfortable shoes keep me going and more active(productive), same with my car and my berry!
    To each his own, life goes on
    And yes people can get addicted to anything so let's have more berries and less drugs!

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    06-05-08 03:19 AM
  15. patrick.waugh's Avatar
    OMG!!!! You mean it's a phone TOO?????
    06-05-08 03:51 AM
  16. BB7290grl74's Avatar
    This has got to be the most absurd thing I think I've seen yet. It just proves that society is getting weirdrer by the day. I don't see needing detox for BBs. I mean, really!

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    06-05-08 04:54 AM
  17. kickinitlive247's Avatar
    Yes Patrick, some people actually put the phones to their ears and talk into the other end!
    I try to avoid doing that

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    06-05-08 05:09 AM
  18. NoMoreWindows's Avatar
    I will never stay there
    06-05-08 05:13 AM
  19. rpalumbo's Avatar
    I am happy to see the back and forth discussion regarding this topic. I do have to admit, once I did got my berry not so long ago, after I left my office I would have to come home open up my computer and then have to check my email, but with my BB, life it much easier away from work. I do admit; you have to know when to but it down. For example while at church I noticed someone using theirs, really at church, common, that is just wrong. Oh well!
    06-05-08 07:10 AM
  20. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    The point of my little rant was that I think people just need to see the thing for what it is.

    I am a fan of the BB, it keeps my professional and personal organized, I am more productive, in touch when I want and need to be and entertained.

    But it not some sort of "Second Coming". I just can't get all that worked up over a smartphone. There are too many far more important things in life than a phone.
    06-05-08 07:44 AM
  21. idontrockin661's Avatar
    Im with you too Amazinglygraceless..... IT is just a phone in the end...sorry everyone!
    06-05-08 08:04 AM
  22. MRSBROWN2006's Avatar
    OMG, that article totally cracked me up. At least I can let go of mine long enough to get some sleep at night. And besides, I wouldn't trust my berry to a complete stranger anyways.
    06-05-08 09:19 AM
  23. smaug's Avatar
    Ha, it's pretty funny, but also a little sad. If you have THAT much trouble putting your phone down, you probably need to reevaluate some things, lol.
    06-05-08 09:23 AM
  24. Msmari's Avatar
    OMG!! Whats this world coming 2...I just turn off my phone if i dont want to be bother with...I would not give someone my BB to hold for me... I got 2 many personal things to give some stranger my phone...
    06-05-08 09:35 AM
  25. tmember's Avatar

    The people at church using their BB's probably have the Bible installed. It's a great thing to have that, but at church I like using the print form a little better. But the cool thing about having it on my BB is it's always with me.

    06-05-08 10:24 AM