1. Smilee5's Avatar
    In the last 2 weeks my memory is dropping below 5MB by about 5pm and my BB is set to turn on around 9:30am. I have no idea why it is getting so low so quickly. This has never been a problem before. I don't have a ton of apps and haven't added any new ones recently. I do have several themes but that isn't something new in the last couple of weeks either. I have even set the apps that check for updates (weather, YouMail, etc.) to check much less frequently. What could be draining my memory so quickly? I don't even use my phone that much at all (I'm not on Facebook constantly or checking emails/texting throughout the day).

    Here are the apps I have. And let me just say that I am religious about "closing" the apps after I have been in them.

    Memory Booster
    Google Maps
    Crunch SMS
    The Weather channel

    I would appreciate any thoughts you might have on why this is happening. I did a search and nothing seemed to give me an answer. Thanks!
    07-16-10 10:32 PM
  2. albee 1's Avatar
    Hold down your menu button and check the apps that are running. You should only have 4 or 5. A lot pf apps will not close unless you select Menu/Close. Some resident apps like Browser, Messages, Home, Phone, and BBm do not close. Also check the "How to " section for a post on "Memory Optimization Procedure" good stuff. I went from 17mb to 32mb file free on my Curve without having to install a hybrid OS. Good luck!

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    07-17-10 01:09 AM
  3. EnergyPlus's Avatar
    See what things you've allowed with the apps you have. A few updates, perhaps once an hour, is one thing, but if you have a lot going, it will kill the battery. Make sure you're not running Latitude with your Google Maps. How often is Berry Weather checking in? Also, have you installed a new theme, recently? There are some out there that are not healthy.
    07-17-10 01:19 AM
  4. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Do you leave Google Maps running frequently? It is a memory hog if you leave it running a lot. It is also an app that takes a lot of memory.
    07-17-10 01:26 AM
  5. Reed McLay's Avatar
    BlackBerry uses memory for many things including the Sun Micro Java software, about 10 Mb.

    Next is the BlackBerry Device OS software. With a little optimizing, it will be about 30 Mb.

    If you were to check your memory at this point, you should see 40+ Mb File Free memory.

    Your data also uses memory. Use Options / Status. Menu / Database size to confirm how much is being used.

    Applications and Themes are resident in memory too. You may have to prioritize which applications you can justify installing.

    I like to see my BlackBerry startup with about 20 Mb of free space. It then uses and re-uses the memory as needed and I never have to micro manage the process.
    07-17-10 10:02 AM