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    Okay so i took someone's advice (from here) when i first got my Pearl 8130 (on Telus Network) and i deleted some of the things on here that i didnt think i would be using...such as my BB Messenger. Then the PINK pearl came out..i made my boyfriend take mine and i got the new prettier version. But as i'm sure you can guess i now want to use the messenger.

    I have tried to download it over the air and from the website and it tells me that i dont have the required operating system..which burns me!!! Cause i know i HAD it. Then i had to go out and actually get an external cd/dvd drive so that i could install the BB device manager because the one on the website took....FOREVER!!! So then i tried to back up and transfer it from his phone to mine and I can't get ANYTHING to work. I have updated it. I tried the application loader...blah blah blah. I have called my carrier and i called blackberry and NO ONE CAN HELP....

    Should i admit defeat and give up!

    Or what else can i do???

    :'( Please help!
    04-20-08 11:39 PM
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    If you have deleted BBM from the device, you can only reinstall it using Desktop Manager. You will need to have both Desktop Manager and the OS software for you device installed on your computer. Then its just a matter of connecting your phone, opening app loader and checking the box for BBM to be reinstalled.
    04-20-08 11:46 PM
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    When you say OS (and i know that this may sound stupid...but dumb it up for me ) Would that be in the format of v4.3 ? And that would come from the blackberry website correct?
    04-21-08 12:02 AM
  4. angelamnash's Avatar
    okay so i tried that too....nothing changed and the BB messenger did not appear in my application loader page. Anyone else....? Any ideas??
    04-21-08 12:31 AM
  5. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Run desktop manager...connect device to PC and then visit http://www.blackberry.com/messenger in Internet Explorer.

    It HAS to be Internet Explorer as it uses ActiveX controls to install, if IE asks to run the ActiveX controls say YES!

    Forget about the OS installation and so forth, until your ready for the next level
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    04-21-08 12:34 AM
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    Okay but then what do i do...i have just realized that in my troubleshooting i have loat all MY info and taken my boyfriends...someone shoot me...i love this device but seriously! i have been doing this for HOURS now!...
    04-21-08 01:22 AM
  7. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Do nothing..after you go to the site it should be loaded onto your device.
    04-21-08 01:28 AM
  8. angelamnash's Avatar
    No that didn't work for me either....
    04-21-08 01:53 AM
  9. Bla1ze's Avatar
    interesting...well, at this point you need to refer to the BB desktop manager software and load it from there...plug in your device, open desktop manager, click on where it says "application loader" and follow through looking for BlackBerry messenger in the list.

    If it dont show on the list visit https://www.blackberry.com/SoftwareD...ient=dB5bZddMq
    04-21-08 02:04 AM
  10. angelamnash's Avatar
    i have already tried that too....
    04-21-08 02:30 AM