1. tacsniper's Avatar
    So I am browsing on eBay and see a lot of "OEM" batteries at like 10% or less than the retail price of a spare battery. But if you purchase a new Blackberry lately, you will notice RIM have added a hologram sticker in the back of their battery to identify its genuine RIM product... so my question is, is this only a North America thing? Because these so call OEM battery doesnt have the hologram sticker, instead they just have that area blank have anyone purchase batteries from the CB store? If so, does their batteries have the hologram sticker on the back too?

    Without the hologram sticker, does it the mean the battery is fake and prone to explosion like any other knock off china battery?

    example: ebay item...

    RIM battery that came with the Blackberry...
    09-05-10 10:44 AM
  2. johnling's Avatar
    honestly they are all the same ...
    What he said. I got 2 extra batteries and stand alone charger from Ebay. They are 100% identical. In looks and function.

    09-05-10 12:07 PM