1. stang8s's Avatar
    Got a new bold today. Cant get the right convenience button to do anything. Called Verizon. They had me wipe the phone totally. The button then worked and brought up my camera no problem. Then went to desktop manager and went to backup/restore, advanced and brought over my address book info only to the bold. Nothing else. The button then didnt work anymore.
    They tell me its a corruption in my contact list somehow and that the only solution is to wipe the phone totally again and type all my contacts in manually.. They said they have never heard of this happening before. Id really like the button, but also dont want to type in all my contacts.. Any ideas?
    08-26-10 06:57 PM
  2. Username00089's Avatar
    Shouldn't have to go through all of that. They should exchange it for you.
    08-26-10 06:59 PM
  3. stang8s's Avatar
    They say it isnt the phone though cause it works when its wiped. Its when i install my backed up contacts that it stops. So they are telling me that a new phone would do that to cause there is a corruption in my contact list that messes up the button. Sounds bizarre to me. They said i can go into the store and see if they can fix it but they said its doubtful as they would do the same thing.
    08-26-10 07:02 PM
  4. stang8s's Avatar
    OK got it working but its hit or miss. You REALLY have to push it and it doesnt always work.. Seems like a bad button. I assume it should be the same sensitivity as the left button, it isnt. Seems you have to push and hole it for quite a while for it to work
    08-26-10 07:09 PM
  5. pr1nce's Avatar
    I'd return it and get a replacement.
    08-26-10 07:19 PM
  6. stang8s's Avatar
    Its working better now that i have done it about 50 times! You can press it lightly and it clicks and will do nothing but if you really press it hard, it works. I will bring it into the store and see what they say.
    08-26-10 07:30 PM
  7. stang8s's Avatar
    Playing with this more i notice that when playing music the up/down arrows have 2 functions. A light click is the volume yet a harder click is prev/next song. Im thinking the camera button is the same way. the light click does nothing, i need the harder click to bring up the camera...
    08-26-10 09:00 PM
  8. hondateg91's Avatar
    The camera button has 2 functions- Half pressed focuses the camera and fully pressed takes the picture. The left side convenience key is less stiffer and only works fully pressed.
    08-26-10 09:54 PM
  9. FF22's Avatar
    What honda said - also some cases can press the button partially which causes some partial lockups. Even if reassigned away from the camera, the button is still two-stage even if it no longer focuses, then shoots.
    08-26-10 10:18 PM