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    There are numerous glitches when trying to synchronize with MS Outlook:

    1) Every day I receive a message to delete calendar items in outlook.
    "The following changes from Calendar Device will be applied to your Microsoft Outlook data in Calendar: 35 Deletion(s)" I have tried everything, in the mean time I keep clicking "reject" so that I don't delete my outlook items. I tried removing the synchronization settings and at first I thought it was actually working. By the next day I say the same message come up.

    2) The Start Date in the Outlook Tasks mysteriously changes to a day 10,136 before the Due Date in Outlook (that's almost 30 years!). I change the due date and leave the start date blank in outlook, but the BB software, after synchronizing, makes the Start Date be xx/xx/1981. The detail shows the former value being blank, then the new values as xx/xx/1981. If I remove the due date in outlook, the synchronization works. I use the outlook tasks extensively so stuff like this is really annoying.

    3) After every sync, it tries to update Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish Language Support. I don't know those languages and prefer none of them installed. How do you remove this? Maybe install it and remove it afterwords, but I don't know how to remove.

    4) After synchronizing the songs, the BBB displays "Scanning" at the bottom of the screen. This seems to stay on forever. I only have less than 300 MP3 songs

    4) The media sync created duplicate songs in the device. I think I figured this one out, I removed the battery for a hard reset. Then waiting for it to finish "scanning" and synchronized, then it worked.
    01-07-09 11:10 PM
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    Open the desktop manager and have the device plugged in. Then go to the Backup and Restore button. Click the advanced button. Select Calendar - ALL and click clear. This will remove all calendar entries from your device. Then go to the main menu to Synchronize. All the calendar entries from outlook should get copied to the device. I noticed after the 2nd day of testing that the device is no longer trying to delete the calendar entries so this solution may be it
    01-18-09 01:40 PM