View Poll Results: Should RIM rename the company to BlackBerry - period?

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  • RIM should change the company name to BlackBerry

    18 38.30%
  • RIM should keep the BlackBerry name as a product line

    28 59.57%
  • They should come up with a new name entirely...

    1 2.13%
03-31-12 02:18 PM
26 12
  1. Searzy's Avatar
    Like I said in few other posts on CB I think that RIM should start a new brand that is costumer/communication oriented and keep BlackBerry with an image of a enterprise/communication device. New brand to be and all-touch devices and 16:9 screens, higher prices and have a brand new image and BlackBerry to be keyboard devices with 3:4 screen and lower price point but both running BB10 OS. Business model of Toyota/Lexus.

    The name BlackBerry is only associated with the handsets, but the "Enterprise Servers", and "technologies" i.e. BB Fusion.

    IF RIM was to attempt a car manufacturers idea (main brand, and luxury), BB would have to remain as a "consumer" name, because of its appeal. The enterprise has already been established as BB, so it's hard to switch that name to strickly enterprise.
    RIM can't switch the enterprise name, because it would send the message to the public, and a lesser extent shareholders / investors.

    Also, what would you call it? The Enterprise needs to be associated with the handsets, because of the enterprise features IN the handset.

    This is a reason for justifying why they should change the company name. It would be much more well-received, as it makes more sense to the public.

    Another marketing observation:

    Has anyone noticed the 1st BB's logo, compared to today? Todays logo is much more marketable and attractive. Especially the animation that's in the commercials.
    03-31-12 02:18 PM
26 12