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    With the shift to Android and so many people talking about security I have somewhat of a novice question. Im a regular joe with a blackberry. Its not a work berry, its through a regular carrier, and I use password keeper. I dont have any special software tweaks for added security and stay away from cloud based storage. How does BB10 make my information more secure? Is it just that nobody cares to try and hack a basic users blackberry or is there something about it that provides this higher security compared to iOS or Android.

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    10-09-15 08:15 AM
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    10-09-15 11:50 AM
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    I will get reading. Thanks for the help.

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    10-09-15 12:16 PM
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    As a regular user, not in a work environment, it shouldn't matter at all as long as you use common sense.

    An android device is safe enough for general purpose.

    You have to consider that your phone is basically just a front end in a whole network. So if there's a weak spot in the chain, your phone is not going to help at all. Let's say you have an account with whatever online service and you place your credit card and personal information on their server. If they're getting "hacked", it doesn't matter at all if your mobile client is Apple, Google or BB.

    Also, if you send an e-mail with confidential information over an insecure network or to an insecure client, BlackBerry is not going to help.

    You can even send it to a secure network, the recipient might print it out and leave it on his desk.

    Security largely comes down to user behavior and network policies within company networks. BlackBerry indeed offers a very secure architecture and a good way for administrators to restrict usage.

    Yet, as a private user I honestly wouldn't go crazy about it.

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    10-09-15 02:38 PM
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    As already stated, the most critical part when it comes to security of any device or OS is the user. Simple, insecure passwords, no device lock, undiscerning app installations and a too open behaviour can debunk all security measures.
    With all the app crazyness going on, a lot of people forget to check the app's requirements in terms of permissions. The best example is the simple flashlight app, which suddenly needs access to your network, wifi, contacts, calendar and shared files. Yet people install those apps, even though it simply screams "malware!".

    When it comes to Android, it is important to keep the system up to date. Google releases lots of component updates, Google Play Services for example, via their Google Store. Other modules, that dreaded Stagefright exploit for example, require updates from the manufacturer. This is where BlackBerry needs to shine. They can't afford to wait four or six weeks after a security fix has been released by Google before pushing it out to the Priv. They'll need to be fast and in time with the Nexus line of devices.

    Another rule of thumb is the popularity of the operating system: The more popular it gets, the more attention it gets from hackers and exploiters. With Android being the most popular mobile OS out there, iOS close second, those are rewarding targets for corrupting and stealing. With BlackBerry 10 only present in a very low single-digit marketshare at best, people don't really tend to bother hacking into it.

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    10-09-15 03:36 PM
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    Thanks very much. Sort of what I was thinking. Since I have no additional security by way of a work network I really didnt think that BB10 offered me any security I couldnt find on another OS and exercising common sense.

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    10-09-15 03:50 PM
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    Thanks very much. Sort of what I was thinking. Since I have no additional security by way of a work network I really didnt think that BB10 offered me any security I couldnt find on another OS and exercising common sense.

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    One of the benefits of BB10 for consumers is the included permission management system. After installing an app, you can easily grant or deny access to permissions the app requests. For example you can still use WhatsApp, but can keep it from accessing (and uploading) your contact list. Sometimes the functionality of an app gets interrupted, but often it still works.

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    10-09-15 03:57 PM
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    Hopefully the new slider upgrades its android to Marshmellow fairly quick. I think that they also have improved the app permission side of things.

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    10-09-15 04:23 PM
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    I wish more people understood these points. Everyone is acting like the sky will fall due to security issues with Android. If it were that bad, no one would use it. It's the same as Windows--always threatened and vulnerable, but people aren't dropping it in masses or experiencing identity theft at pandemic rates.

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    10-10-15 09:33 AM
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    And really not that different than a home computer for anyone who still uses a lap top or desktop. Download shady things from shady sites and youre gonna get stung. I guess with marshmellow it will be up to us to set the app permissions when we download it if blackberry hasnt come up with a reasonable similar solution for lollipop.

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    10-10-15 12:50 PM

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