1. Wbrian's Avatar
    Hi All!
    Does anyone use Kindle reader for BB? I have a book published there and for grins, I checked the listing at amazon.com on my BB browser. It showed the price as 4.99, as opposed to the usual 2.99 price. Can someone check if they see the same thing? I don't want to be thought of as a spammer here so I don't want to post the name of the book. If you shoot me a pin or an email (24A051CB or webmaster@warrenmurphy.com) I'll give you the link to the page which shows one price on my PC and one on my BB.
    07-22-10 10:44 PM
  2. jetman1287's Avatar
    Sorry, I don't have time to help, just wanted to let you know there is an Amazon blackberry app. It's not very well advertised and I don't even think it's on App World but if you use Amazon, it's one of the best produced apps for the BB.

    No one would buy the book (or anything for that matter) over the browser...but they would over the app, so make sure that checks out first before worrying about the browser Good luck!
    07-22-10 10:52 PM