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    today, i decided to update my curve 8900 to v5.X.X.1136 (i think) from

    i downloaded the software and successfully updated my bb but i found out that appworld is not supported in my country (tho the carrier is selling bb phones and theres even updates for the devices under their name )

    so i downgrade back to and the restore fails and i loose my skype,facebook apps. i try to install appworld with some weird technique to get it working but it just gets stuck on the loading screen.

    so am i outta luck or is there a way to get fb and skype back?
    12-29-10 04:39 PM
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    i dont know if these links will work for you since you arent in the US but you can try. doesnt anyone google anymore??? you dont need appworld to get some apps.

    you can download FB from Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones

    you can download Skype from here Skype mobile™ for BlackBerry® smartphones
    12-30-10 01:01 AM
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    edit: i went to the crackberry ota link and got the newest facebook through there. so now i can use v5 and have facebook too ^^.

    i tried that and just sends a link to facebook to my email and then when i try to download it it requires appworld... skype says that my mobile is not supported on their mobile site when i enter it with my curve.
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    12-30-10 04:48 AM