1. JasonZBell's Avatar
    I recently purchased a 8330 Curve and have it setup to recieve my Gmail via the Gmail icon on my phones desktop. For the first few days, the mail was coming in fine. It would show up in that folder as well as my Messages folder. Since yesterday though, I am not receiving my Gmail emails in the Gmail folder on my phones desktop. They come to the Messages folder fine still. The only way I can get them to show up in the Gmail folder is to click the refresh option within the Gmail options on the phone.

    Any ideas why this happened out of the blue? I have no made any configuration changes since this was working to now.

    I did try searching the forum, but couldnt find an answer.

    Thanks in advance.
    05-23-08 12:37 PM
  2. bennygoodx's Avatar
    Login in to BlackBerry Internet Service and click on service books, resend your service books. That, and then pull your battery and put it back into re-boot if that doesn't work.

    When in your bberry online account make sure to check email accounts and make sure that gmail account is there. If not, set it up again.

    Good luck.
    05-23-08 01:36 PM
  3. JasonZBell's Avatar
    Thank you! I will give that a whirl.
    05-23-08 02:31 PM
  4. JasonZBell's Avatar
    That worked! Thank you!
    05-23-08 02:41 PM