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    Ok this might be a dumb question. Sorry if it is. So is it legal to connect to any open and available wifi connection when using the search for network option? Also is it secure to my phone, meaning can whoevers WiFi I am connected to get into my phone information?

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    05-28-09 10:20 PM
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    When I was in NYC, I didn't want to pay for ridiculous Rogers roaming charges so I turned my radio off and left my wifi on. I managed to connect to a few free wifi networks which allowed me to get some e-mails and BBM messages.
    As far as being legal, people shouldn't be leaving their networks open and unprotected! I figure it's their fault for being careless and lazy. As far as phone information, I'm sure there's the possibility that some information could be passed on, but I was never connected to a network for more than about 2 minutes so I never really worried about it.
    05-28-09 10:25 PM
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    If people don't want you on their WiFi they'd protect their networks. I don't protect mine - I live in the country so don't have much risk of someone jumping on mine, but as long as my speeds don't drop, I don't care. Anyway, as long as you're not downloading a bunch of music files, no one would know you're there unless they're looking for you. To answer your question, it's not criminal against the law, you could be hit for user fees - the owner could sue you for your share of the service fees, but they can't arrest you.

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    05-28-09 10:30 PM
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    It's not illegal, as far as I know... a lot of downtown areas and coffee shops have free Wifi... I use them if I need to... and like most things if you need privacy don't use them... generally speaking, most everything you browse to or using emails, they can all be seen if someone want to find them... just watch shows like CSI or NCIS.
    05-29-09 06:12 AM