01-21-12 04:51 PM
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  1. Rooster99's Avatar
    Your kinda missing the OPs point. it isnt the fact that hes having issues with his DM its the fact that RIM support has no support for the little guy and that needs to change as their market charges.

    - R.
    01-21-12 04:21 PM
  2. BergerKing's Avatar
    TBH, I like the idea of having my backup file on my computer. Cloud seems dodgy to me.

    Also I prefer to have the entire executable installed before I put my device in for upgrading the OS. OTA upgrades seems rather dangerous to me. I can get at the blackberry if things go wrong. I can try and connect to the ROM in many ways.
    I've run OTA updates approximately 15 times now. On 7 separate BlackBerrys, and the only thing I haven't done to make one fail is pull/kill the battery. If a step misses or fails, the system backs up to the last completed step and prompts you to continue.

    If you have taken the elementary precaution of backing up your data, you should be able to recover in at least some way.

    I'm backed up 3 different ways. DM on 2 computers, BlackBerry Protect, and a recovery file on my Media Card. If anything goes wrong, I'll get the bulk of my data back.
    01-21-12 04:51 PM
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