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    I want a Blackberry with a keyboard, non-Amoled screen and removable battery. The devices I've seen new from Blackberry have non-removable batteries (and Amoled :-( ). I feel I would compromise on the Amoled screen if the battery was removable. I keep my phones for a long time and eventually batteries functionality decreases. I always have just replaced my batteries. Losing that option makes getting a new Blackberry unappealing. A non-removable battery means replacing my device sooner ($) or losing my phone for a time to have battery replaced and then someone else would have access to my personal phone data (pictures/texts/bookmarks/phone numbers/etc) during that time. No thanks.

    I was looking to purchase a new phone and was holding off on purchasing until I saw the true specs of the Priv but due to the Amoled Screen and Non-Removable battery I passed. Now I am looking forward to the Vienna in hopes that it will not have the same negative factors as the Priv.

    Will all future devices from Blackberry contain non-removable batteries? If so I'd like to know now so I will just purchase a device from a different brand instead of waiting any longer.
    11-21-15 02:33 PM
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    They haven't released a removable battery device since 2013, so it's probably fixed batteries for everything.
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    11-21-15 02:37 PM

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