1. DIY's Avatar

    I have a Nolan Motorcycle Helmet (model 103) which accepts the N-Com communications system.
    Has anyone used such a device with a Berry.?
    N-Com can take and make calls as well as streaming music.

    I have an 8700 at the mo which will obviously only do calls.

    Waiting for the Bold....
    08-06-08 12:55 AM
  2. Rifleman223#CB's Avatar
    I use the J&M bluetooth headset on my NCOM 102 and I LOVE it!! I was looking into the Nolan system for the NCOM but the reviews and the quality of the sound of the J&M system is SO GOOD!! I have had this for 2 years now and I love it. I had the Pearl which only streamed the calls. I then migrated to the new Pearl2 and then the Curve. Both devices paired and I can listen to my music and hear every sound the BB makes. Although it is great to have the BB with music, it is cumbersome and not intuitive. I would stick with an iPod for music. Motorola has dongles that connect to the iPod and will stream A2DP to your headset seamlessly.

    I also got a dongle from Jabra and have an XM unit on my bike. I listen to my music from that. The key is to make sure to pair it with the dongle prior to the BB.
    08-06-08 10:05 AM