1. raphrf's Avatar
    I hesitate between the Nokia E71 and 2 blackberry of Rogers, the BOLD or the curve 8900. I want to use this phone for music, internet, emails, messenger, radio streaming and apps like graphic calculator(3d). What is the best compromise ? Do you know if nokia can be on the internet at the same time as the messenger like a blackberry? thank you!
    02-26-09 10:20 PM
  2. danielx's Avatar
    both devices can do what you are looking at
    not too sure what graphic calculator you are talking about

    multimedia is not BB's selling point
    in this regard, nokia's web browsing (assuming u use skyfire/opera) might come out better than BB
    02-26-09 10:24 PM
  3. MarkusALC's Avatar
    I was thinking about the E71 and the 8900 because of more or less the same reasons. I chose the 8900 because of the 3.5mm audio jack, the better camera and the micro usb port, which can also be used for charging. It also looks better, which is in fact also important for me. Furthermore, you can use the camera light as a very bright torch. I preferred the keyboard of the 8900.
    Obviously, you post on a BB board, and if you ask the same question on a nokia board you might receive the opposite opinion.
    02-27-09 01:43 AM
  4. danielx's Avatar
    oh yes.the 3.5mm is very impt to me as well
    but i will be hardpressed to make a choice
    the e71 has a sleek form factor. very thin and metallic finish
    but bb has better keyboard
    02-27-09 02:11 AM
  5. skyrider007's Avatar
    I'd go for a BB. I'm a big fan of BBM : )
    02-27-09 04:08 AM
  6. laurent08's Avatar
    For messenger,dont look any further than BB ...
    You can use Fring on E71 for Skype, MSN, Google Talk etc but its nowhere near as reliable as the messenger apps on BB.

    If 3G is important to you, then the e71 is an option.

    Otherwise, go for the 8900
    02-27-09 04:41 AM
  7. jsanta11's Avatar
    The e71 has its downfall when it comes to apps..they gotta be signed ,also the camera even though 3.2 it was horible.also since its metal the signal Is not strong at all..I pruchaed the e71-2 in bestbuy ( returned it after two weeks).

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    02-27-09 04:48 AM
  8. TLD1's Avatar
    Having used both the E71-2 (for a very brief time...before returning) and the Bold...I can tell you the number-one reason I left the Nokia for the BlackBerry.

    The email processing & display on the Nokia sucks.

    The E71 is a gorgeous device, and is built like a tank...and in every way, is built on a much higher level than the BlackBerry. I'm huge on build-quality and construction...but I use my mobile device as a communication source first and foremost...and the Nokia E71-2, for all it's beauty...just doesn't measure up to the BlackBerry in any area where communication is paramount.
    02-27-09 07:45 AM