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    Hi all. My favourate site to play chess (which can also become an addiction if not checked...get it?!) Is yahoo chess. Now being a new crackberry user I thought how amazing it would be to dominate all my oponents from my Curve. So I headed of to the site....

    Unfortunatly for me the aplet failed to load. It told me that I required flash player 7 or more and also Java. Well I then tried to install flash player from adobe website but that didn't work. I was even more confused about java since I thought the bb curve ran on java?

    Anyway it all meant no yahoo chess for me. So I hoped in despair that some of the good ppl over at CB could help me get it up and running.

    I know there are alternatives but I have built up a modest rank there and also met friends there regularly.

    Please help my King once again take to the stage!

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    09-10-07 04:56 AM
  2. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Java is not something that is presently loaded onto BlackBerry's. I say install Opera Mini, and see what gives...
    09-10-07 04:58 AM