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    Hello guys

    Ok, so first of all I dont have any handheld carrier or whatever it's called. I live in denmarka dn they dont sell blakcberries. So, I bought a blackberry 8320 i gold back in spring 2009, and I knew i couldnt download apps and whatever with it.. and i accepted that, as long i had wifi. and it worked good. Whenever I would find soemthing it would connect me.. BUUT.. here's the thing. The keyboard started to f*** with me, so i bought a new 8320 in red because I like it more in red because it reminds me of a red car. But for some reason it doesnt find wifi what so ever! its liek impossible. and the "hotspot" thing isnt there either. I just use the fone for texting and calls and stuff, but I need the Wifi to work. and I also have other problems. This phone doesnt have the menu, that my othe rone have. The other one has this theme where you have some shortcuts in the bottom but on this new one its on the left side, and i dont have the option to have it in the bottom. I tried wiping the whoel phone, it doesnt work..

    Please help me.

    Thank you for listening/reading :-)
    02-03-12 06:10 PM
  2. anthonemorris's Avatar
    Try this, make a backup from the gold BB, wipe the red one again, use the latest os and use the backup from the gold bb on the red one. That should add all the settings from the gold BB to this one. May not get the theme but at least u should get back wifi use, otherwise the antenna is faulty
    04-09-12 01:15 AM