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    *I posted this on the 8820 help forum, thought I would try it here also*

    Well, I am in Afghanistan at a Military Base that has wifi, but it uses PPPOE for access. Obviously my 8820 has wifi and I see the access point but that is about it. My PC on the other hand has the PPPOE application on it. Now for the big question!

    Is there anyway I can tether my 8820 so it uses the PC's connection to the PPPOE internet? If not, then I have to wait until I get home to download some applications.

    My problem is the phone is new. It is GSM Quadband unlocked and I use it on the Roshan network for phone calls. Roshan has no internet access. IO Global does and that is on my laptop.

    To get applications I have to use DM, but a lot of the applications I am interested in are only available for DL to the phone, not to the computer for transfer via DM.

    So, does anyone know if this is even remotely possible? To connect to the internet with my phone via my PC's PPPOE connection?

    10-16-10 10:32 PM