10-31-07 10:13 PM
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  1. driggers's Avatar
    Count me in!!
    10-02-07 01:27 AM
  2. thenick24's Avatar
    Treat for me please!!!!!

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    10-02-07 01:31 AM
  3. CarBob's Avatar
    Hey Kevin,

    Besides CrackBerry.com being THE best BB website on the internet, the members have a chance to win a BlackBerry.

    What could be better than that !!

    10-02-07 03:15 AM
  4. Skawt's Avatar
    Make a post, eh? Well, I certainly wouldn't turn down the opportunity to trade in my first gen Pearl for a new Curve.
    10-02-07 03:19 AM
  5. portfolioman's Avatar
    Happy Halloween everybody .
    10-02-07 03:33 AM
  6. strawberry's Avatar
    new to blackberry, new to this forum, loving both so far!
    10-02-07 04:29 AM
  7. xOrphenochx's Avatar
    Yay contests!
    10-02-07 05:47 AM
  8. Macgyver3000's Avatar
    Trick or treat blackberries meet my tech needs they sure are sweet! Textin browsing BBM it keeps me connected to friends ! If you don't have one you should get cause you don't know what you might miss! Gimmie a blackberry please!
    10-02-07 06:20 AM
  9. jcamson's Avatar
    I've scratched my Curve up pretty bad, so hoping for a new one. Also, new users should look into getting a plastic case for the Curve, since it's so light already you won't even notice the difference between it with the case and your old BB!
    10-02-07 06:22 AM
  10. kgbrolic's Avatar
    I'll take one of those Curves to go.
    10-02-07 06:26 AM
  11. thebear8me's Avatar
    I have never won anything before. I couldn't think of a better first time
    10-02-07 07:13 AM
  12. gt5l's Avatar
    Oh I can only dream of winning this BB

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    10-02-07 07:30 AM
  13. Big_Irish_Style's Avatar
    Good luck everyone!
    10-02-07 07:33 AM
  14. donoldo54's Avatar
    Count me in.
    10-02-07 07:34 AM
  15. jck50's Avatar
    I'm in
    10-02-07 07:38 AM
  16. alsam#CB's Avatar
    I have on my desk a failing Cingular (HTC) 8525. While a pretty good device, it is big, heavy and failing!
    Time for a blackberry baby!
    10-02-07 07:43 AM
  17. jc4511's Avatar
    Yes my little pet, i need this phone as the final ingredient in my witches brew stew. This will surely rid us of the evil iPhone once and for all.
    10-02-07 07:44 AM
  18. Xclu21Sive's Avatar
    Good Luck to everyone, I hope for anything, but the Curve is the best
    10-02-07 07:55 AM
  19. mkoetter's Avatar
    Happy Halloween.
    10-02-07 08:05 AM
  20. RadioMonkey's Avatar
    Awesome contest! I just got a new 8830, so maybe I could use the grand prize for something cool like taking the case off and painting it orange and black. Happy Halloween.
    10-02-07 08:07 AM
  21. wkdoak's Avatar
    I would love to win this. My current blackberry is acting a bit strange these days. Although I have insurance on it, I'd like to have a more up to date model. So please please please pick me!
    10-02-07 08:20 AM
  22. synndell's Avatar
    Trick or treat! I would like a Curve!!
    10-02-07 08:26 AM
  23. nrkelly's Avatar
    I'd love to win this for my dh and convert him to ways of the crackberry.
    10-02-07 08:28 AM
  24. dwl2nyc's Avatar
    win win win
    10-02-07 08:33 AM
  25. fathom7411's Avatar
    i would give mine to my girlfriends brother since he has a crappy freephone and to get someone else addicted.
    10-02-07 08:34 AM
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