10-31-07 10:13 PM
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  1. rnoftz's Avatar
    What a great idea! Bring it!
    10-30-07 03:56 PM
  2. cameron.mccormick's Avatar
    I just bought an 8703e and I would love a 8830.
    10-30-07 03:56 PM
  3. worldgin's Avatar
    I need to win so I can get my BB back from my wife! I love this forum...
    10-30-07 03:56 PM
  4. SpasticMelon's Avatar
    I've been wandering if I wanted a BlackBerry or Windows Mobile device....this site is definately helping me lean toward the BlackBerry and getting a free one would be a nice help . Love the site BTW!
    10-30-07 03:57 PM
  5. Tarheel#CB's Avatar
    Good luck Everyone
    10-30-07 04:29 PM
  6. deco2224's Avatar
    ok ok ok. i love this company like a fat kid loves cake.....hehe . i would love to have the curve or the 8800. to have the top of the linephone would be an honor. i have already bookmarked this site to keep up to date on Bb. wonderful site. im crossing my fingers and toes.......& eyes. ( hope i win)
    10-30-07 04:32 PM
  7. zem52887's Avatar
    I'm going abroad to Australia and would love to get my hands on one of these early.
    10-30-07 04:35 PM
  8. wavscaper's Avatar
    LOVE me some CURVE!!! crackberry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    10-30-07 04:37 PM
  9. debrag1's Avatar
    OOH! 1 member of my family has one and I love it!! Hope to win one!!!
    10-30-07 04:39 PM
  10. akna254's Avatar
    I just got a 8830 two days ago, my first endeavor into the BB world. Bought it replacing a razor, what an upgrade.
    10-30-07 04:49 PM
  11. dclow's Avatar
    I love this site! My husband calls me a techno junky. I would be lost with out my BlackBerry.
    10-30-07 05:08 PM
  12. goldnsunset's Avatar
    Hello everyone. I am new to the Blackberry Community. I just purchased a Pearl and I love it. I really like all of the sites and free-bees that you can get for the Blackberries. Hope I win!
    10-30-07 05:30 PM
  13. DavidRupa's Avatar
    CrackBerry Newbie
    Device Model: 7130C
    Carrier: AT&T
    10-30-07 05:32 PM
  14. chepeliyas's Avatar
    I really want a Blackberry, please let me win.
    10-30-07 05:37 PM
  15. VernMcC's Avatar
    Hey, can a guy snipe into this giveaway?
    10-30-07 06:22 PM
  16. MKN853's Avatar
    Fastest thumbs in Texas. Just think how much faster I'll be with my new Blackberry.
    10-30-07 06:35 PM
  17. steaming79's Avatar
    ...i am now entered
    10-30-07 06:36 PM
  18. marineofficer's Avatar
    Just got a BB 8830 through work, steep learning curve, huh?
    10-30-07 06:53 PM
  19. krinko's Avatar
    Ex TREO guy here. I totally got the wrong blackberry. I'm trying to convert but the pain of having the wrong device is killing me.
    Please help me keep the dream alive, if not, do it for the children!
    10-30-07 07:06 PM
  20. mes311's Avatar
    My first post...
    10-30-07 07:23 PM
  21. timothyj91's Avatar
    Alright - this is my entry!
    10-30-07 07:47 PM
  22. Gyslene's Avatar
    hello im a new member great site. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!
    10-30-07 07:56 PM
  23. jesy#CB's Avatar
    I am new to crackberry but have had a few of my own. HOPE TO WIN!!!
    10-30-07 08:11 PM
  24. jesy#CB's Avatar
    new to crackberry but have own a few blackberrys hope to win
    10-30-07 08:13 PM
  25. tkmcnail's Avatar
    I have the pearl now, and love it! I have been debating on upgrading to the curve and this would be great to win one. Goodluck, congrats on who ever wins it if it's not me! haha
    10-30-07 08:17 PM
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