10-31-07 10:13 PM
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  1. mrox226's Avatar
    I wanna win!
    10-25-07 07:59 AM
  2. sshields12's Avatar
    i need an upgrade.. gitty up.
    10-25-07 08:01 AM
  3. bretmills's Avatar
    No whammy, no whammy, no whammy!
    Yahoooo! I WON!!
    10-25-07 08:01 AM
  4. Nickers's Avatar
    I gotta do this just because I love free stuff!
    10-25-07 08:02 AM
  5. martycota's Avatar
    I really need a smart phone, I hope I win!
    10-25-07 08:02 AM
  6. pamcam's Avatar
    wishing i win wicked bad. happy halloween everyone! GO SOXXXXX
    10-25-07 08:02 AM
  7. bill#CB's Avatar
    I'm the BES administrator for a major electric company, and use this website's forums regularly. Great resource!

    I also like the fact that my email address is myfirstname@crackberry.com. It pays to sign up early!
    10-25-07 08:04 AM
  8. french44's Avatar
    I hope I win so I can feed my family rather than buying one...
    10-25-07 08:04 AM
  9. jmlafreniere's Avatar
    I had a 7250 for 2 years and then I dropped it on the floor and the wheel was broken. Then I got my new 8703e for cheap (since I already have a contract, I didn't have to pay the whole price)... and then dropped it... in the toilet bowl this time !!


    So I had to buy another device... but I had to pay the full price for it...

    My 8703e cost me a 1000$+ finally... :-(
    10-25-07 08:05 AM
  10. sassyjd's Avatar
    Love my Crackberry. Need one for my husband!
    10-25-07 08:06 AM
  11. gkatmar's Avatar
    This is great, I would love to give this as a Christmas present. Thanks Crackberry
    10-25-07 08:08 AM
  12. chrisjtyler72's Avatar
    I hope to fuel my additiction to my crackberry with a new crackberry from crackberry.com, if chosen then I do solemnly swear to fuel my additction to my crackberry with all the great stuff from Crackberry.com

    Peace out...
    10-25-07 08:09 AM
  13. matt#CB's Avatar
    Good luck to all and have a fantastic halloween !
    10-25-07 08:09 AM
  14. eengler's Avatar
    My son would love for me to get a new BB, he can't wait until they support flash animation and he can put some of his homemade games on it !!
    10-25-07 08:10 AM
  15. FatMagic's Avatar
    Thanks Crackberry for the SWEET (pun-intended) contest!

    Good luck to all!
    10-25-07 08:11 AM
  16. dwilletts's Avatar
    The Magic EightBall says the Blackberry is mine!
    10-25-07 08:11 AM
  17. sassyjd's Avatar
    Am in need of the law and order theme ringtone. Can anyone help?
    10-25-07 08:11 AM
  18. Charlotte-BB's Avatar
    Hmmmm....What will I do with two of them???? My turn to win something!!
    10-25-07 08:12 AM
  19. davidbrady's Avatar
    Just put aside my Curve 8310 - now trying out the Pearl 8120 with Wifi (WiBerry?)
    Could still do with more freebies though!!
    10-25-07 08:12 AM
  20. bridges87's Avatar
    I ALWAYS need ANOTHER blackberry :-)
    10-25-07 08:12 AM
  21. cmartinez95's Avatar
    Sweeet! A 2nd BB would be a nice addition to my smartphone collection!
    10-25-07 08:13 AM
  22. kentpowley's Avatar
    Who on earth would say no to a new BlackBerry ?!

    Count me in !

    10-25-07 08:14 AM
  23. sboyack's Avatar
    I especially love being able to connect the internet from my laptop via my BB.
    10-25-07 08:15 AM
  24. ChiChuM's Avatar
    winning is my favorite
    10-25-07 08:15 AM
  25. Cellularamps's Avatar
    A freebie... sign me up.
    10-25-07 08:16 AM
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