10-31-07 10:13 PM
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  1. jasperar's Avatar
    Trick or Treat, smell my feet, Blackberry is the one to beat!
    10-15-07 03:12 PM
  2. hmwap's Avatar
    Like a good taurus, I must always have the next best thing. I love my 8703e but an upgrade would be nice!

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    10-15-07 03:22 PM
  3. iamwoow's Avatar
    Did I win yet??????? LoL
    10-15-07 05:27 PM
  4. kentace's Avatar
    Please!..im feeling lucky
    10-15-07 07:18 PM
  5. mnmboca's Avatar
    I hope I win. My dear hubby is a crackberry and I am in the market to switch over. How cool it would be to win the Halloween Blackberry giveaway as I am a real witch being that Halloween is my birthday.
    10-15-07 08:46 PM
  6. jyuzzolin's Avatar
    Just signed up and excited to see all of the cool stuff for blackberry's. I have an 8703e with Verizon. Anyone have the new global blackberry with Verizon? If so, what's the good word on that device?
    10-15-07 09:13 PM
  7. weed#CB's Avatar
    Sure Sure
    it already has my sim in it

    10-15-07 09:29 PM
  8. AprilMc's Avatar
    Hello Fellow CrackBerry (AB)users!!!!
    10-15-07 10:04 PM
  9. c5plus's Avatar
    Count me in!! A new Curve would be great!
    10-15-07 10:07 PM
  10. wiglebienie's Avatar
    Hey all, I'm new member, my names Andrew, im getting my first BB at the end of the month when the 8130 hits verizon. (cant wait ugh) Been loving the blackberry 101 discussions, and they are giving me a lot of great info, just wanted to say thanks for that.
    Would love to get one of the coupons for my new phone, let alone getting the phone for free, now that would be amazing
    10-15-07 10:08 PM
  11. vinmontRD's Avatar

    A haunting game, this forum thread -
    To celebrate the restless dead.
    I want the phone - it's just my size!
    My joy would make the spirits rise.
    I sit here and command my gnome
    to type out rhymes - complete my poem,
    While sipping soda - cold black cherry
    I post my entry to Crackberry.

    10-15-07 10:39 PM
  12. bethpitts's Avatar
    i definitely need to upgrade my coolness and become a blackberry owner!
    10-15-07 10:50 PM
  13. manofdestiny's Avatar
    Here is a story crackberry's might appreciate. I stopped by my favorite AT&T mall kiosk today to talk to the guy who has given me great deals on Blackberry's. I wanted to know when the Curve 8310 would be out. He thought anyday and would call me this week.

    About two hours later, he called to say he just received four Red Curves and would be holding one for me. Yahoo! I have the 8100 Pearl now and think it is the best phone/pda I've ever used.

    The addition of the GPS, brighter, bigger screen, stereo bluetooth, 3.5" jack, external microsd slot, enhanced media player and better speakerphone are all reasons for me to upgrade.

    If I win this contest, I'll get one for me wife too!
    10-15-07 11:11 PM
  14. bbsadaj's Avatar
    aren't we all winners. no not really that is whay there are contests and such
    10-15-07 11:25 PM
  15. foreverfusion's Avatar
    Whats up people??? I hope I win cause I never really win anything so hopefully this will come as a surprise.
    10-16-07 12:40 AM
  16. ohiostate89's Avatar
    I need a new treat

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    10-16-07 01:41 AM
  17. n1dym's Avatar
    One is nice, but my other half wants one, too!
    10-16-07 03:11 AM
  18. JeffCO's Avatar
    Trick or Treat! Hope I can win a BB thing.
    10-16-07 06:31 AM
  19. visi0n's Avatar
    need.... more.... berryyyy
    10-16-07 07:19 AM
  20. wayoung56's Avatar
    I just found this site and would love to win!!!
    10-16-07 07:47 AM
  21. Beacon's Avatar
    I'm a Treo user now, and researching the pros and cons of BB. Looks like the BB has finally come out with a product that will meet my needs. I'm a power user with treo, and BB just didn't have all the features I needed. Edit and create word and excel docs, categories for contacts and would synch with treo(looks like BB has a soln with contact folders). Here are some other questions before I make the switch. Hope I win one!

    Can you program the hot keys on the BB so that I have one linked to contacts. So I can open the contacts with one button click?

    Do tasks or notes synch with outlook?
    Where do pictures synch from BB to PC? Can you direct them to a folder on your laptop?
    Can you edit and create word docs?
    Can you send attachments and open attachements?
    Can I look up a contact and my schedule while talking on the BB?
    Seems like creating subfolders in my contacts is the workaround for creating categories in outlook and treo. Do all the category subfolders synch with BB?

    great forum, glad I joined!
    10-16-07 08:19 AM
  22. n8sooyo's Avatar
    Only The 8830 Can Do It All
    10-16-07 08:57 AM
  23. craiglee's Avatar
    Lucky 7! Roll 'em
    10-16-07 09:49 AM
  24. jojodragon's Avatar
    alright i wanted a curve but i couldnt afford it instead i bought the pearl i love it and everything but i wanted some thing with WiFi on it hope i win it woo hoo!!!
    10-16-07 12:21 PM
  25. phenyx923's Avatar
    I am a little obsessed with getting this phone, and I would love to not have my husband buy it for me so he won't be able to remind me how he supported my obsession! pick me!

    10-16-07 12:47 PM
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