10-31-07 10:13 PM
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  1. jon anderton's Avatar
    just found your site and very impressed! The lecture on BIS/Bes was very useful. Thanks a lot.
    10-05-07 07:37 AM
  2. raelssur's Avatar

    Could really use a new Blackberry from Crackberry
    10-05-07 07:49 AM
  3. ibh's Avatar
    I can always use another BlackBerry
    10-05-07 08:21 AM
  4. dengar100's Avatar
    I would love to win that 8830...never gonna happen tho.
    10-05-07 08:58 AM
  5. mblackburn727's Avatar
    I want a new Blackberry.
    10-05-07 10:05 AM
  6. swirlsolutions's Avatar
    My business is all about blackberrys so another model that I don't have to pay for, would be great! I train and consult corporations and users on how to become more effecient with their blackberry! I love these devices!
    10-05-07 10:27 AM
  7. dgiridhar's Avatar
    Hope I Win this give away. I had my eyes on Curve since the first time i looked at it.
    10-05-07 10:57 AM
  8. AA's Avatar
    Hoping to win.
    10-05-07 11:06 AM
  9. ajlm's Avatar
    Would love a new BB for my very own.
    10-05-07 11:18 AM
  10. Chinoxxl's Avatar
    I could sure go for a curve, especially since its free
    10-05-07 11:46 AM
  11. maggie's Avatar
    Yes please do send me a new BlackBerry.
    10-05-07 12:17 PM
  12. dtwguy's Avatar
    I can always use a BB but I would really like the new 8310...or the new Pearl...or the 8320...
    10-05-07 12:28 PM
  13. brandonmckinnie's Avatar
    I love my BB Curve with AT&T. I can always you another phone. I hope I win!!!!!!!!!
    10-05-07 12:32 PM
  14. mcosta's Avatar
    Please pick me!!!! Need a curve badly!!!
    10-05-07 12:43 PM
  15. mk3013's Avatar
    Wow, I haven't gotten a gift for Halloween since I left home for college!
    10-05-07 12:48 PM
  16. peterd0404's Avatar
    Hi, I'm a new BB user. I currently have the 8320.
    10-05-07 01:27 PM
  17. abailey911's Avatar
    Pick ME Pick ME!!!! Halloween gift that's not fair max919, I NEVER got a halloween gift!!!!
    Last edited by abailey911; 10-05-07 at 01:58 PM.
    10-05-07 01:55 PM
  18. hyde49314's Avatar
    Just trying my luck. I got hooked on Blackberry, and soon after Crackberry!
    Is this going to be scary?
    10-05-07 02:27 PM
  19. dacraneman's Avatar
    Just another device to feed our addictions.........i love it~

    10-05-07 02:35 PM
  20. kidqwik's Avatar
    0o0o0o!! Me me me! I best this tastes better than candy corn! Me me me please!!
    10-05-07 03:03 PM
  21. dbcmaster's Avatar
    posted reply
    10-05-07 03:25 PM
  22. lbernard's Avatar
    Already feeling the bb craziness!!
    10-05-07 03:26 PM
  23. gapch's Avatar
    Wow, this is exciting!!!
    10-05-07 03:34 PM
  24. veezhalo's Avatar
    I hope I win a phone. I am drooling over the Pearl, which I once has on T-mobile. I can't wait until it come on verizon. Uhgg... My dream come true! But if i don't win I hope whomever does enjoys their new toy. Good Luck!
    10-05-07 03:56 PM
  25. thops24's Avatar
    Daddy wants a new phone.
    10-05-07 04:33 PM
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