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    New BB. Setting it up, and I'm not getting any tone alerts when text or im's come in. I went to "profiles" and "advanced", and set the settings how I usually have them (vibrate and tone, medium volume, non-muted, 2 rings), and yet I get nothing but vibration for im, and nothing for sms text. Also just figured out the phone doesn't ring.

    Is there some mute function some other place on the phone?

    Am I missing something, or is this phone defective?

    Updated: Unit was defective. Speaker was not making contact with the board contacts. Fixed.
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    03-16-10 09:24 PM
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    Looking at it further, no external speaker volume at all. Not for speaker phone, not for voice command, nothing. Is the speaker dead, or is there some "turn off" function?
    03-16-10 09:48 PM