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    Ok I'm going to try and tell what has happened but I don't have the "Service Books" option on the email address I have on my berry now. I have the cal and mime. Also on contact lists all i have is default.

    I had one email on my bb - I"m on BIS - and sync it with outlook and everything was fine. Then I had to add another google apps email account and seemed like all good. I did notice that in my google apps application online I had all my bb contacts there too, didn't know why. Anyway, I had to delete that email and change the address and add another back - same deal, google apps.

    I noticed today when I tried to sync via desktop manager that contacts weren't syncing. Said i needed to turn off wireless sync, I didn't even know I had that option with BIS, anyway I went to the address book, options and contact lists and the only two email addresses there were the two google ones, one of which isn't even on my phone anymore and the one that was on now. The original one wasn't even showing and it was the first and worked fine with outlook. I also went to default services and under contacts the only option was the google apps acct that was on the bb now - the original wasn't even an option...

    So I went to advanced, and service books and i see the original email address ( I deleted all google emails for time being),but only the two entries, nothing for syncing contacts...

    What has happened??

    I wiped the contact for the two google emails which left me zero contacts on my bb - all are in outlook though - I just tried syncing and it desktop manager says Address Book not installed....?? what the heck?
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