1. Scratchchance's Avatar
    Out of the blue my tour 9630 stopped ringing, message alerts, or alarm sounds. I have checked all the settings.
    I still have vibrate and the speaker works.

    Any ideas?
    11-18-10 05:50 PM
  2. John Yester's Avatar
    What profile are you using? Has the profile been edited?
    11-18-10 05:54 PM
  3. kbz1960's Avatar
    Pull the battery?
    11-18-10 05:55 PM
  4. albee 1's Avatar
    +1 Battery pull.

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    11-18-10 06:28 PM
  5. Scratchchance's Avatar
    i am using the normal profile with no 3rd party theme. I have pulled the battery to no avail.
    it still vibrates on that profile but no sound on normal, loud, or medium setting
    11-18-10 06:52 PM
  6. kbz1960's Avatar
    Maybe the best thing to try would be to backup everything you want and wipe and reload. Do not restore settings, only contacts etc.

    If it works then probably an OS glitch or corrupted file if you get the same results probably hardware.
    11-18-10 06:56 PM
  7. Scratchchance's Avatar
    ya, i was looking at other issues on the topic and the idea was the same.
    How do I do a wipe on a tour?
    11-18-10 07:16 PM
  8. kbz1960's Avatar
    This what I followed when I first did it. Just exchange storm for your bb.

    11-18-10 07:18 PM
  9. albee 1's Avatar
    Why do you guys do 5 minutes of investigation and then decide to wipe and reinstall? It's like rebuilding the engine everytime you get a fouled plug. Imo it would be easy enough to figure out. And meanwhile you learn nothing to prevent it from happening again. Wiping and reinstalling is what you do as the last resort not the first.
    Oh well live and don't learn.

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    11-18-10 08:40 PM
  10. kbz1960's Avatar
    Hummm, somebody could offer a better suggestion if there is one.
    11-18-10 08:41 PM
  11. albee 1's Avatar
    Press Profiles/Edit Ringtones and Alerts/Phone. Is the volume turned uo to 10? Can you get sound if you scroll to another ringtone? Is it set to Play Sound-Always? Let's start there. If your patient I'll figure it out. Remember you have to press the track pad to change to another value, highlight a new volume number and press. There is also the Try It button at the bottom of the screen. Keep me posted.

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    11-18-10 09:05 PM
  12. Scratchchance's Avatar
    ya, tried all of that. No dice. Checked options. The clock alarm doesnt even work. I can play music through the speaker though so it isnt that.
    11-18-10 10:27 PM
  13. albee 1's Avatar
    On the ringer settings page does the try it button make it ring? And the media player is working you said. Did your phone have to be provisioned when you first got it? Any new apps?
    Despite the lack of sounds your still making and receiving calls and email?

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    11-18-10 11:20 PM
  14. albee 1's Avatar
    Hey I just thought of something, were you using your headphones just prior to this happening? My gf's LG did the same thing. Turned out she had just used her headphones. We tried battery pulls, adjusting everything and nothing worked. Until we plugged in and out her headphone jack. It cured it instantly. Turned out it didn't de activate the last time she unplugged them. It's worth a shot!

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    11-18-10 11:33 PM
  15. Scratchchance's Avatar
    called verizon, wiped it, no change. So, thanks to extended warranty they are just sending me a new phone
    11-18-10 11:35 PM
  16. Scratchchance's Avatar
    ya, I have had that happen. I wasnt using headphones though. It is almost 2 years old so maybe the speaker did just stop working. I had the original one replaced because of the track ball issue being way sensitive on the first gen tours.
    11-18-10 11:37 PM
  17. albee 1's Avatar
    Oh well guess it all worked out for you in the end. And you got your moneys worth out of it. Good luck with the next!

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    11-18-10 11:37 PM
  18. yambike's Avatar
    Hey all. I have the same problem with my 9630. One day I switched it to silent profile and when I switched it back it stayed silent, no ringer, alerts or alarm.

    I can play audio files and ringtones in the media player just fine but it won't play them if I recieve a call or use the "Try it" button in the profiles edit menu. I've tried all the profiles, normal, loud etc.

    I updated to after this happened and it didn't improve anything, although I didn't wipe the phone beforehand. I guess I'll try that unless anyone has suggestions.
    11-20-10 12:11 AM
  19. albee 1's Avatar
    You need to wipe it first. Wipe meaning remove the Os. Not just a security wipe. Use BBsak to wipe and install the new Os.

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    11-20-10 12:45 AM