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    Hi all,
    i've noticed that i have no more push email via wifi (i can't send email either).
    I'm positive it used to work before, and i can still access the internet via wifi.
    Here' what i have tried so far :
    - battery pull
    - Resend Service Books from the carrier's webpage
    - from Advanced Options/Host Routing Table : Register Now (request queued, till il reconnect to the mobile network)
    - From the Setup Wizard : 'Setup Wifi' till i got the message "your Blackberry device is now connected to the internet".
    Of course, i tried with several wifi networks, same symptoms.

    Bold 9000
    orange (fr)
    07-22-09 03:38 PM
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    I just hung up with my carrier's customer support, and it sucks. For some reason they do not allow acces to BIS via wifi anymore for individual contracts. Only enterprise accounts can acces to BIS via wifi.
    Is there any workaround ?
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    07-23-09 04:47 AM