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    Today, I discovered that I couldn't receive or send MMS texts --more specifically, picture texts-- on my Blackberry using the TMobile service.

    After speaking to a TMobile customer representative for about 30 minutes, in order to remedy the issue, it was brought to the rep's attention that it seems a similar complaint was reported to TMobile for the first time November 10th, 2011; and many more, since then. The rep also informed me that it seems to be happening with older versions of Blackberry phones. I have a Blackberry Pearl 8100. Unfortunately, the rep could not give me any specifics on when, or if, the problem would be resolved. All she, the rep, could do was advice me to call back TMobile if my phone was once again able to receive and send MMS texts, and I will be credited for my downtime. That was not at all a comforting conversation; at least the rep was nice.

    But I wanted to know if anyone else, with a TMobile account AND a Blackberry phone (preferably older versions of the phone...but you never know), is having an issue sending and receiving MMS text as well?

    Try sending a MMS text (a picture) to someone in order to verify if it still works; and then have them send it back to you. If it doesn't work, contact your TMobile representative right away.
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    11-13-11 03:43 PM
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    No problems with 9700 & OS .714.
    11-13-11 03:57 PM
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    None with 9900 so far.
    11-13-11 04:12 PM
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    WoW! I'm kinda impressed here.
    A member for 3 years, and this is the first post.
    Although it is about an issue, the post seems very well rounded.
    Good post! Thanks for the breath of fresh air...

    You would be surprised what some first time posters place in these forums...

    This is why I regret that I cannot provide a solution to your problem. As another NYC dweller posted, it works fine for me. I have a 9780 on Been with Magenta for 15 years since the days of OmniPoint. But, I have no experience with the 8100. Sorry.

    Maybe you (or a Mod) could re-post this issue in this forum here...
    Hopefully you can find a solution. I hope you find one...

    On a side note...
    I kinda like when I see people say they have older RIM devices that are working and still used. It just shows me that despite what some claim, RIM produces great quality devices that last.
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    11-13-11 04:24 PM
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    Thank you so much, MADBRADNYC, for your kind words.

    I will take your advice and re-post my issue in your suggested forum. Maybe I will find someone there who might be going through the same dilemma.

    Once again, thank you.

    P.S. I can't seem to part with my BB Pearl 8100 as of yet. I love it too much.
    11-13-11 05:18 PM
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    I've been having the same problem with my Bold 9700. On OS6. I only get the pictures once I connect to wifi.

    But other than that, I won't receive it.
    11-14-11 04:49 PM
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    Wow! I thought I was the only T-Mobile customer from the days of Omnipoint!

    11-14-11 06:59 PM