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    Hi, I bought a couple of weeks ago my 8310, Now I am in Venezuela for vacations, and of course I cant use the blackberry here because its locked (I dont want to unlock it im going back home to the US in two weeks) but every time I do the "refresh GPS" it says failed location position or something like that.... Now, I was born and lived here till last year and I know phone companies here are really really bad and I dont expect there to be more than one satellite giving coverage to Caracas.... but, Does that have anything to do ???

    Or do I need to buy the Telenav app for AT&T to let me use the GPS feature (I read something like that but Im not sure)

    Is there any other way to refresh my position??
    Thank you very much...

    PD: I didnt try the GPS in the states since I bought the phone and came to Venezuela on the same day, so I dont know if the problem is only the coverage in this country...
    11-20-07 10:06 AM
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    Guys problem solved, It was a problem with Cingular..... Thanks anyway.
    11-21-07 02:02 PM