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    Hey All, Just thought I'd share another example of failed marketing/channel management/merchandising by RIM. Please note, as a shareholder and user, I'm not complaining, just frustrated. I hope the change in management helps correct these issues in the USA asap.

    My wife and I went to the local store to upgrade her 8530 to a 9370 (love the phone so far ). They didn't have the 9370 or 9930 out on display, just the mock-up dummy units in a draw behind the desk. The salesman didn't have anything good to say about blackberry... just that only those who need one for work are buying them.

    He did provide some insight that made sense, but I think this is something RIM needs to focus on. Verizon is pushing their LTE line-up due to their heavy investment in the technology. The iphone was out, but the customer demand requires it.

    Is everyone seeing the same thing across the states? Just curious.
    01-29-12 09:43 PM
  2. howarmat's Avatar
    This seems like a issue with that store only as I played around with the 9930 and 9850 last week. Clearly available to play with.
    01-29-12 09:57 PM
  3. Dapper37's Avatar
    This seems like a issue with that store only as I played around with the 9930 and 9850 last week. Clearly available to play with.
    So what did you think. Picking one up anytime soon.
    01-29-12 10:11 PM
  4. blackberry-unlocking710's Avatar
    Some Verizon stores are against Blackberry.
    01-30-12 02:39 AM
  5. BBPandy's Avatar
    Some Verizon stores are against Blackberry.
    a LOT of US carrier stores are against RIM
    01-30-12 03:09 AM
  6. howarmat's Avatar
    So what did you think. Picking one up anytime soon.
    no the buttons kill it for me on the 9850 and its not BB10. I dont use keyboards so the 9900 is out. But it is a very good keyboard no doubt.
    01-30-12 07:55 PM
  7. Mr.Monty's Avatar
    I went to the largest Verizon store in my area today to check out the 9930, but quickly discovered the only phones they had on display were the iPhone and several Android powered phones. I think I'm going to run by the mall and check the kiosks tomorrow, though I don't expect anything different.

    The fact that they are pushing iOs, Android, and (4GB Max) 4G LTE so hard makes me want a Blackberry with unlimited 3G even more. I guess Blackberry sells itself
    03-12-12 12:47 AM
  8. Umedon's Avatar
    The fact that in the US wireless spectrum is so valuable makes me wonder what the long term strategy for the big US wireless carriers is pushing the LTE phones so hard, but pushing the Blackberries with data compression to the back of the bus.

    I have no doubt in the end the customer will be paying big for whatever comes from this nightmare.
    03-12-12 04:17 AM
  9. hondateg91's Avatar
    Most of the corporate stores around here don't have any on display or or even dummy units. Some of the retail stores have dummy/live units out/
    03-12-12 06:11 AM
  10. BearSnout's Avatar
    If there is a theme going on, I'm sure there is something behind it.

    Customer choice is everything. "Everyone buys iPhones/Android" also doesn't work as really, there's one iPhone and I don't believe lack of space is an issue either.

    RIM certainly needs to knock on these people's doors to make sure the products are fully represented, just as they should with the likes of Amazon to get the Kindle apps out.
    03-12-12 06:17 AM
  11. mtaylor100's Avatar
    This seems like a issue with that store only as I played around with the 9930 and 9850 last week.
    03-12-12 06:37 AM
  12. Mr.Monty's Avatar
    Perhaps it is "just" this store, but it's the largest store in the county. I was going to check the mall, but they only have dummy units and I'd rather mess with a real one before I choose.

    I guess I'm going to make the 40 minute drive to Best Buy tomorrow, but I think they had mostly dummy units there with a couple working ones last time I was there.
    03-12-12 08:21 PM
  13. o4liberty's Avatar
    The carriers only want to sell what is selling and how can you blame them! I am starting to see a trend back to blackberry and I think over the next few years RIM will be a major contender.

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    03-12-12 08:39 PM
  14. berry4life99's Avatar
    People believe all they are told/shown. Verizon displays the crap out of iPhone/Android because people buy them because all their friends/coworkers have them. BlackBerry is an option still, but in many of the stores you have to request to see one. And when you do, they're probably dead.

    Verizon is pushing 4G devices because of the LTE shift, and since there isn't a BlackBerry device that is true 4G yet. If BB10 devices are LTE, they may receive some more exposure, but as long as people can only hear the word "apps" and decided that BlackBerry isn't for them because there aren't as many, it'll be a while before people see a live BlackBerry in a Verizon store.
    03-14-12 09:13 PM