View Poll Results: How much time spent on your BB is for entertainment (music, games, movies, etc.)?

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  • None. I only use my BlackBerry as a communication tool

    40 5.46%
  • Rarely. Less than 5% of BB time is for entertainment

    139 18.99%
  • Sometimes. 5% to 20% of total BB time.

    285 38.93%
  • Quite a bit. 21% to 40% of total BB time.

    172 23.50%
  • A lot! More than 40% of total BB time.

    96 13.11%
01-02-08 12:14 AM
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  1. joshuadeutch's Avatar
    I spend all my time on the blackberry, so some is playing games.
    12-10-07 03:34 PM
  2. tingertinger's Avatar
    I like putting recent pictures of my kids on there and then showing them to people at work or whoever asks to see pics of my kids. When I have some time I would like to convert my videos files of my kids so I can put some on my BB.
    12-10-07 03:45 PM
  3. maggie_may's Avatar
    I love playing tetris and I am always surfing the web. My BB is for personal use only so it's my extra super special cell phone!
    12-10-07 03:53 PM
  4. jsmerg's Avatar
    i have an older bb (7250) so i play brickbreaker like its my j-o-b
    12-10-07 04:11 PM
  5. fortinbrasa's Avatar
    I listen to music every morning with my BB Curve. It has replaced my old mp3 player. Pac-Man is the game for me!
    12-10-07 04:17 PM
  6. The Incredibles's Avatar
    Entertainment on my BB consists of 10% web news and e-mail; 85% of Monopoly game; and 5% scrolling around Google's terrain maps. It's a living.
    12-10-07 04:17 PM
  7. summertyme98's Avatar
    I play DopeWars and Pacman on occasion. I found out that there is Diner Dash 2 available. So just a little bit of gaming.

    I also listen to music once in a while.
    12-10-07 04:19 PM
  8. barko12's Avatar
    I use my BB to communicate mostly, and use the calendar functions quite a bit. Im now just getting into its media capabilities. Oh...and of course Jive!
    12-10-07 04:31 PM
  9. AImbriano's Avatar
    i like playing java games on my pearl, constantly googling and trying to find different games that will work
    12-10-07 04:33 PM
  10. MainEvent's Avatar
    I like to listen to my MP3s with Flipside and a little bit of videos with xPlayer.

    As for games, wow, I have:
    Texas Hold'em King 2
    Outbreak Control
    Call of Duty 3
    Rainbow Six 3
    NCAA Football 08
    Destroy All Humans
    Metal Slug 3
    Black Metal
    Football Party
    Spider Solitaire
    Raging Rivers
    Medieval Kings Chess 2
    Bass Assassin

    and a few more.
    12-10-07 04:44 PM
  11. musicsmydrug's Avatar
    welp my 7 series BB doesnt really have much fro fun n games, but one of my fav past times using the BB is calling up the ole boo... prob not forum appropriate lol
    12-10-07 04:53 PM
  12. mungera's Avatar
    i TRY not to use ALL my time playing games.. i have to remain SOMEWHAT productive!!
    12-10-07 04:53 PM
  13. Raven's Avatar
    Well it was Texas hold'em on my 7130 and on my 8130 is outbrake
    12-10-07 05:25 PM
  14. justdigphones's Avatar is the best thing to happen to my blackberry!
    12-10-07 05:29 PM
  15. mattrev's Avatar
    Haven't spent a lot of time yet. Still trying to move over from the Palm. But I'll get there.
    12-10-07 05:33 PM
  16. LethalOreo's Avatar
    what little time I get with BB it's mainly the web b/c she doesn't have anything else on it yet.
    12-10-07 05:36 PM
  17. modfish's Avatar
    I use my BB to Listen to music all the time cause I listen to music 24/7 its always on weather thru my earbuds or my speaker.
    12-10-07 05:40 PM
  18. Junerev1's Avatar
    Gotta love Frogger....and Bookworm.....
    12-10-07 05:51 PM
  19. joeshark's Avatar
    I have a few games I play, but I almost always play a few games of chess daily.
    12-10-07 06:06 PM
  20. Eddyj90's Avatar
    I use my BB for music and games about 20% of the time. Especially games.

    Gotta love free games from blackberry mobile!
    12-10-07 06:07 PM
  21. Rymalone's Avatar
    I try and stay all business with the berry but there are those many times where I have to know what the scores are or whats going on in the news.
    12-10-07 06:29 PM
  22. lawrence.c.lee's Avatar
    When i sit on the toilet i'll play texas hold'em, but mostly the bb is for work. HAHAHA.
    12-10-07 06:30 PM
  23. Jhonea's Avatar
    Games are nice. But I use my crackberry more for internet and networking. Email without touching a computer is so much better.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at
    12-10-07 06:40 PM
  24. lechakan's Avatar
    No games and whatnot.

    Not unless you consider reading online newspapers to be entertainment.
    12-10-07 06:41 PM
  25. chardae's Avatar
    I love Black Jack 21. this was the very first card game that I learned how to play when i was like 5, yes even before go fish, LOL. This game is absolutely the best, even more because it was freeeeee.LOL
    12-10-07 07:20 PM
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