View Poll Results: How much time spent on your BB is for entertainment (music, games, movies, etc.)?

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  • None. I only use my BlackBerry as a communication tool

    40 5.46%
  • Rarely. Less than 5% of BB time is for entertainment

    139 18.99%
  • Sometimes. 5% to 20% of total BB time.

    285 38.93%
  • Quite a bit. 21% to 40% of total BB time.

    172 23.50%
  • A lot! More than 40% of total BB time.

    96 13.11%
01-02-08 12:14 AM
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  1. mjimenez0's Avatar
    I sometimes use my blackberry to play music at games while on the train or just bored
    12-20-07 12:29 PM
  2. Sunshyn's Avatar
    If I'm bored video poker seems best as far as games go, but I find keeping up with long distance friends to be more fun.
    12-20-07 12:47 PM
  3. nosautbb's Avatar
    i use my phone like an mp3 player. listen to music while at the gym or at work. i also watch shows that i converted, but it takes a long time to convert. their needs to be an easier way.
    12-20-07 12:47 PM
  4. mbciveng's Avatar
    listening to music
    12-20-07 12:59 PM
  5. randynchicago's Avatar
    I am one of the few that have never owned an iPod! My BlackBerry Curve is my iPod, with my 8GB memory card I have as much memory as an iPhone not to mention I can do a LOT more! I use the MP3 player daily, to and from work on the El - thank God for stereo bluetooth headphones!

    I also take a TON of pictures of my new nephew!! Not to mention receive a TON of MMS messages from my sister and her husband (of course, all pics of the nephew)!
    12-20-07 01:05 PM
  6. crackberry-Jackie's Avatar
    I love to use the BB for entertainment! I do SoDuKu alot and search the web quite a bit too. Just wish that part was faster....
    12-20-07 01:07 PM
  7. townslo's Avatar
    Not too much for me, I mainly use it for the phone, internet and mail.
    12-20-07 01:13 PM
  8. mitch1877's Avatar
    Who has time to play games?
    12-20-07 01:28 PM
  9. witzcap's Avatar
    I use mine to look up Fantasy Football all the time
    12-20-07 01:29 PM
  10. BCoop8184's Avatar
    I dont use my BB for entertainment, unless you call late night booty texting entertainment, I kinda refer to that as "business."
    12-20-07 01:56 PM
  11. ushaffi's Avatar
    It is perfect for checking scores/email/stock prices on my bus ride to work/home.
    12-20-07 02:19 PM
  12. conmetal's Avatar
    as I learn more and features I'm sure my 5% will escalate...
    12-20-07 02:19 PM
  13. jas1217's Avatar
    I play Ka-Glom and Brickbreaker.
    12-20-07 02:22 PM
  14. NJTrailDog's Avatar
    I'd say, mine is 50% play & 50% business.
    12-20-07 03:37 PM
  15. chaunce88's Avatar
    I use the music player all the time and I download videos from Blue Apple Videos all the time. I watch them when I'm bored at home and if I'm taking a trip.
    12-20-07 03:46 PM
  16. KarlyT's Avatar
    LOVE BrickBreaker...would like to get more games

    Use it as an mp3 player frequently
    12-20-07 04:15 PM
  17. dead_psycho1's Avatar
    brickbreaker and internet if i had one...
    12-20-07 04:24 PM
  18. mwpeterson's Avatar
    I've got my iPod for entertainment.
    12-20-07 05:15 PM
  19. doubledown11's Avatar
    Brickbreaker gets used quite a bit. So does the media player.
    12-20-07 05:32 PM
  20. yobri's Avatar
    Since I don't use my CrackBerry much for entertainment purposes, I have little to contribute to this. Besides the occasional song or movie clip, I use my CrackBerry for entertainment (leisure) via the Web browser to view online forums and such at times when my fiance is shopping, etc. Usually I find myself keeping correspondence for both personal and professional during such instances, but Web surfing is the next option when such obligations are satisfied.
    12-20-07 05:44 PM
  21. daddybear's Avatar
    brickbreaker baby...brickbreaker.


    can't get enough.
    12-20-07 06:28 PM
  22. David.rynkiewicz's Avatar
    If I am playing brickbreaker at work, then I am using my Crackberry for work. Right?
    12-20-07 07:29 PM
  23. M3ta's Avatar
    Mobireader. Got a 4GB card just for it.
    12-20-07 07:31 PM
  24. batemana's Avatar
    Internet and the "same game"
    12-20-07 07:41 PM
  25. brownjungle's Avatar
    I enjoy playing brickbreaker while riding the subways and viewing family photos through the media viewer.
    12-20-07 08:19 PM
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