View Poll Results: How much time spent on your BB is for entertainment (music, games, movies, etc.)?

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  • None. I only use my BlackBerry as a communication tool

    40 5.46%
  • Rarely. Less than 5% of BB time is for entertainment

    139 18.99%
  • Sometimes. 5% to 20% of total BB time.

    285 38.93%
  • Quite a bit. 21% to 40% of total BB time.

    172 23.50%
  • A lot! More than 40% of total BB time.

    96 13.11%
01-02-08 12:14 AM
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  1. Raptor007's Avatar
    I play texas hold'em to kill the time and keep my game play up to snuff for the monthly tournaments my friends get together for. Its ideal for a quick pick up game.
    12-19-07 09:03 PM
  2. rdonaldson's Avatar
    Darn messages keep coming and interferes with the Solitare sometimes.
    12-19-07 09:05 PM
  3. Mini2Go's Avatar
    To be perfectly honest, entertainment is the lowest on my list of reasons I got a BB. ...not that i wouldn't play a game or two now and again...
    12-19-07 09:11 PM
  4. Curve's Avatar
    Enough that im never bored!!
    12-19-07 09:12 PM
  5. 1spcldy's Avatar
    I've been busy learning how to use the basics. Games, they come later! Except for brickbuster. That I have played to level 4.
    12-19-07 09:44 PM
  6. manonthemoon's Avatar
    I use the Sprint TV to watch NFL network or take video of the kids to send to the family.
    12-19-07 09:47 PM
  7. grannatorylan's Avatar
    I love being able to access the Internet, read the local newspaper, and see local tv station. I send emails from my Blackberry.
    12-19-07 10:07 PM
  8. Pete99's Avatar
    Since I have an iPod, I rarely use it for any tunes or movies.
    12-19-07 10:08 PM
  9. Mr9758's Avatar
    I watch the occasional ripped DVD, play music w/ FlipSide, and play BrickBreaker, of course!
    12-19-07 10:12 PM
  10. ong-gia's Avatar
    I use the music play a lot, and try to surf the web whenever possible since verizon makes me pay for it! At these prices I'll use the internet up if I can!
    12-19-07 10:14 PM
  11. flowerbunny's Avatar
    Bar bets. That's super. I would also like a Brain Age type game.
    12-19-07 10:29 PM
  12. jason25's Avatar
    usually play games or watch videos when I am not talking, texting, emailing, or surfing the net.
    12-19-07 10:29 PM
  13. MauiBerry's Avatar
    Brick & Sudoku is it!!!
    12-19-07 11:01 PM
  14. lyricessgirl's Avatar
    When im using it for entertainment im looking at (like youtube) lol
    12-19-07 11:11 PM
  15. jct's Avatar
    mostly sol mania and brickbreaker
    12-19-07 11:28 PM
  16. james4177's Avatar
    Kind of like that Ebony and Ivory thing from years ago.

    12-19-07 11:33 PM
  17. shadowduchess's Avatar
    Internet, games, and I'll probably at some point be persuaded to use it for music as well.
    12-20-07 12:24 AM
  18. cg1492#CB's Avatar
    Brick breaker, we have a office contest to see who can get the highest score and or level.
    12-20-07 12:53 AM
  19. hedgehog62's Avatar
    12-20-07 02:14 AM
  20. prxraw's Avatar
    As I stated in other posts, I have started using BlackBerry as single device for Phone, Emails, Organizer, Music, Games & Browsing Net
    12-20-07 03:07 AM
  21. simplyfabio's Avatar
    Sometimes, in Metro, i play with Monopoly or The BrickBreaker!!!
    12-20-07 03:18 AM
  22. cheezsteak7's Avatar
    So far I've found a few free games on the web that I've been using since I'm too cheap to buy them. It's still fun to take it out when I'm bored though.
    12-20-07 03:25 AM
  23. GeneralMayhem's Avatar
    I have to admit, I've become addicted to the Pipes game. Good exercise for my brain in those idle moments.
    12-20-07 03:59 AM
  24. larryfortune's Avatar
    mostly while waiting for a table or pass the time
    12-20-07 06:27 AM
  25. manufan's Avatar
    I rarely use it for entertainment, except to pass a few minutes here and there browsing.
    12-20-07 06:42 AM
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