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    Hey all.....

    Not sure if this is old news or not, but while poking around on my Bold last night, I checked out the wireless update and it said that there was a new build available for my phone. So....I downloaded it while I slept. When I woke up and checked out the BB, I really didn't see anything different. During the day today, I noticed that all of VZW's bloatware was back, and my icons were in different spots than what I set them to. But when I got home to turn on the Wi-Fi radio.....I noticed that there was a new checkbox: "Near Field Communication" I know that there has been discussions in the past about leaked OS's, etc......but it looks like it is now official!
    11-04-11 09:32 PM
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    Wow thanx for the info. Put some screenshots for some extra info

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    11-04-11 10:57 PM
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    Yes please post, def would like a visual to see what might be coming
    11-04-11 11:20 PM
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    I'll try and post some shots over this weekend....looks like they also have Verizon's "Push to Talk" walkie talkie service rolled out, too. The only pain about doing the upgrade is that it knocks all of your app's sign-in's out......Facebook, BB Protect, BB App World, etc.....as well as re-add the bloatware back onto the phone. Now....if we can just get some things to use the NFC on!
    11-05-11 10:26 PM
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    That is awesome for Verizon customers. I have a Bold 9930 on Sprint and I have already used the NFC Launcher and SCM apps.

    I just put my Bold on the car cradle (with a NFC tag) and it does the four things I used to do every day before but all automatically:

    1. E-mail wife I'm leaving work
    2. Turn off WiFi
    3. Turn on BTooth
    4. Launches and activates DriveSafe.ly so I can hear my e-mail or messages while driving.


    There is no device on the planet that is more customizable, efficient or secure than a BlackBerry with OS7.
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    11-05-11 10:42 PM
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    That OS update launched a couple weeks ago which enabled NFC capabilities. It is part of the VZW official OS.

    Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9930 now available from Verizon | CrackBerry.com
    11-06-11 10:38 AM