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    i am an old palm user who jumped on the iphone bandwagon for the last 3 years and yesterday i took the plunge on a new Torch 9860.

    The problem i have is i bought the phone outright from Optus unlocked as the carrier i use didnt have them which they said was fine. Ive got it all working including my old mobile me email except my exchange email account from work, the IT department said they need access to the online blackberry website which is Telstra but when i called telstra they said they cant give me access as the pin is registered to RIM on optus and RIM needs to release it to them.

    How do i go about getting this done, it seems like a pain for something that should be easy. The person at Telstra said i could use my ID and set it up on the phone but the IT department didnt know how as they always use the online system.

    anyone able to give a new blackberry user some advice?
    11-24-11 07:39 AM