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    I have been a Bb owner for all of a day now and am struggling to learn the new software.

    I am coming off an android phone so everything was done through Google (calender,contact,etc). When I got the BB I downloaded the Google sync app and everything has been downhill since.

    Had some issues with my contacts but I think that I worked them out.

    When I synced my BB with Google for the first time my calender events doubled themselves. So I went in and deleted and the extra ones. Then I noticed over half my events were wiped out. So now am I thinking should I lose the google account and stick with BB's calender. Or just stick with it?

    Second thing on the BB accounts. I go to google and I have a list of contacts, calender and other stuff. Do I have a BB account somewhere out there as well? Meaning can I get on my computer and populate a BB calender and have it sync as well? I really just want to go with Google or BB but one or the other. But do not know which is better.

    Another newbie question. What is BB messenger and PIN used for? Is BB messenger another form of Gtalk or something different. And in regards tot he PIN number I immediately think its a PIN number keep it secret but then I see people posting theirs on line.

    Sorry for all the questions...seems like BB had a language all its own.
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    Ok I just checked my calender again and once again google or my phone has doubled all my events.

    I really thinking I should just try to do the blackberry calender but is that something I can do on my computer like Google? Is there an easy way to delete all my events on my calender?
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