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    I just upgraded from my Treo 700W to a BB 8330 Curve from Verizon. I'm really happy with the device and it seems like a really nice upgrade. However, I'm not sure I'm going to have the freedom on this device like I did with my Treo because of the BES setup. Here's my dilemma..... with my Treo I combined both my personal information, emails, contacts etc. with my business emails. Essentially, I sync'd the Treo with my personal desktop (where i kept all my personal and business contacts and appointments) and just used POP email to get my company email on my device. I really liked this option because my company only had access to my business email going through their server. As I understand it with BES, everything on my device will become company property and the company apparently will have access to all my contacts, SMS, MMS, phone calls and so on. Additionally, instead of syncing with my personal desktop, the BES server will sync with my company issued laptop. The downside of this is I prefer using my desktop for contacts and appointments plus the company does not allow us to install any software on the laptop so I won't be able to add any 3rd party add-ons to my BB nor will I be able to import music, pictures or even documents.

    First off, am I correct in all my assumptions about BES, and is there a work-around? Will I still be able to Sync with my personal desktop even though my BB is going through BES? Would using BIS instead be the best solution?

    Any help or recommendations that anyone can offer would be much appreciated. I'm really happy to be switching from Treo to BB and I really don't want to have to return the Curve in favor of a constant crashing battery burning Windows Mobile device and am hoping that isn't my only solution to this BES dilemma.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who responds to my post.

    05-25-08 01:00 PM
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    The rule of thumb is that if your employer provided the Blackberry and insists on using their BES, and you want to remain employed with that company, you have to do what they tell you to do because they're paying for it.

    Sure you can do personal communications through it too but there is no expectation of privacy when you do so. IOW, they are free to sniff your personal communications if you're using their system. The courts have confirmed that repeatedly.

    Popular options include a second mobile device including but not limited to a 2nd Blackberry with your own BIS account, or a personal notebook with it's own OTA connection that bypasses your company's network altogether.

    Check your employer's policy on this; they will most likely forbid doing company business on your personal gear (for good reason), and might even forbid using it on company time if they're dix.

    They can't stop you from using your own equipment and access accounts on your own time for personal use but they can prevent you from using your personal devices on their intranet, which is what BES is all about - security and realtime collaboration for large workgroups.

    FWIW, if you want the features of BES but only on your own equipment for personal things, there are some companies that offer that. BES does have some advantages over BIS so it's worth looking into if you want or need it. Off the top of my head I think being able to see and auto synch your contacts, schedule and email over the web from any computer is a plus, and being able to brick your Blackberry by remote control if you lose it is another one too....
    05-26-08 04:49 AM
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    Thanks for your reply. I actually do buy my own phone and can choose any device Verizon offers. If you choose BB then they offer us the convenience of BES (although not required) on other devices it just Sync via internet with the company server. So with my Treo I only Sync'd my email and sync'd my contacts and schedule on my personal computer. So I suppose I could just go with BIS and have the company email forward to my BB email address? Anyway, my other question is can I still setup BIS for my yahoo mail? Also, if I use the USB cable and sync with my personal computer along with BES will I be able to import music and software add-ons?

    Again thanks!

    05-26-08 10:55 AM
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    I'm sure you can set your yahoo mail up through BIS. I have BES and my yahoo mail is set up on my curve w/no problems.

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    05-26-08 03:23 PM