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    I am trying to figure out where I can see the contents of the media card while the card is in the phone. In media I can see ringtones, music, video, and pictures, but what about the other folders, specifically documents? There's something in there I want to delete, but would rather not remove the card yet again.

    Even more specific, I emailed a pdf to my hotmail account and Repligo Reader wouldn't open it. (I knew that may happen since I don't see BIS/BES on my phone). I tried saving the attachment to the card first and then opening, but it still wouldn't work. Repligo is supposed to be able to read from the card, so I guess I have to save pdfs directly to the card with the computer, and not via email. (Not sure what the difference is, but I'll try it).

    Anyway, is there any harm in removing the battery alot? I really hate where the card is located, it's really inconvenient, and since I've only had the phone a few weeks, it seems like the battery and card are out of it more than in it. Thanks for all your help.
    04-27-09 03:55 PM
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    First question:

    Go to Media then hit the BB Button (left of the trackball) and choose "Explore". This should open up three (or two folders); Memory Card, Device Memory, and System. Highlight Memory Card and hit the Return Button (Enter) or push in the trackball. You should be able to find your file then.

    Second. Shouldn't really harm your BB by removing the battery a lot. My suggestion, use your USB to plug your phone directly into your computer. Just enable the Mass Storage Option.
    04-27-09 04:29 PM