1. mtnbrewer's Avatar
    Hello, New to blackberry's so any feedback is appreciated..

    I set my email account up on my blackberry and am receiving emails no problem.

    But now I do not recieve any of those same emails on my computer, which is nice for viewing some documents etc. Anyways i can fix this issue?

    08-09-08 10:25 AM
  2. srplummer's Avatar
    Welcome to CB!
    That must have something to do with your email provider/settings, because I don't have that issue.

    Maybe this will help: BlackBerry 101: Lecture 11: BIS Email Basics | CrackBerry.com
    08-09-08 10:28 AM
  3. mtnbrewer's Avatar
    Thanks, I have got alot of stuff to figure out... This would seem like a simple thing to do, but becoming a little frustrating...
    08-09-08 02:09 PM
  4. jenaywins's Avatar
    What email are you using? Gmail? Yahoo? Corporate email? Please provide details, and hopefully we can get this solved for ya.

    And welcome to CB!
    08-09-08 02:12 PM
  5. Hazysky's Avatar
    Go to your email account settings and find and select an option that says 'leave a copy on the server'.
    08-09-08 02:12 PM
  6. Duvi's Avatar
    More than likely Gmail...

    08-09-08 11:12 PM
  7. jidx's Avatar
    Welcome to CB!
    08-09-08 11:14 PM
  8. yogi's Avatar
    Hi and welcome.
    08-10-08 05:30 AM
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    Welcome to CB!! Don't get too addicted like the rest of us!!

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    08-10-08 05:43 AM