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    I have hundreds of contacts in Outlook and don't want to clutter my new BB 8310 with them all. How can I sort them (ideally in outlook rather than in the BB) so that only some that I have selected are transferred to the BB?

    Does the BB sync with all contact folders or only the default one?

    Suggestions please?
    10-29-07 06:23 AM
  2. volsfan0911's Avatar
    Searching for contacts is so ridiculously easy on a BB (just start typing a contact's name and it'll find it) that I would go ahead and put everyone on there personally. However, probably the best way would be go into Outlook and assign the ones you want to transfer into a separate category (e.g. BB contacts). Then set up Desktop Manager under synch config to only transfer that folder over. I just moved to a 8310 and LOVE it . One axiom that I firmly believe from Franklin-Covey is "everything in one place". Which means that I want all my info - contacts, schedule, email, notes, etc. - with me at all times. The Curve does that superlatively. And as above, I don't even think about there being 680+ contacts synced up on it from Outlook. There are people who have thousands I'm sure and it's still a no-brainer to do what you want (gotta love it). Dialing a phone number? Just start banging out the name, it'll find who your're looking forward. Email, SMS, MMS, all the same. $0.02 - YMMV.
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    10-29-07 06:57 AM
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    I think the point about everything in one place is very valid and I expect i will take your advice. particularly after I have spent an hour or two clearing out the total rubbish!
    10-29-07 07:33 AM