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    Hey everyone. First, I've done forum searches but can't find the information I'm looking for. I'm sure it's out there, so please feel free to post a link if I've overlooked it.

    I had a Moto Q9M. It locked up (to the point of no return) 4 times within 2 months and I was able to convince VZW to trade me out for my new BB 8830.

    I love it, but it's a complex device!! I have the settings pretty well tuned to my likes, but here are a few questions:

    1. I own a Mac Powerbook, and from what I can see the BB don't work as far as connecting to a Mac. True?

    2. I have a tablet PC for my job, but it's rather locked down, meaning I can't install ANY software without an admin password. (Ok, I guess that was a statement, not a question.)

    3. That all being said is there anyway that I can back-up my phone? Perhaps wireless backup to a website? (Now that would be a cool Crackberry feature!) Or some sort of wireless sync? I'm afraid that if my BB dies or is lost that I'll have no way of replacing my contacts, etc.

    4. I installed Opera Mini. However when I access my corporate email (that's locked down too and I can't push it through to my BB) via the web using my OWA, I get this message: "SessionGuard Expired, this site does not support your browser." I see other people seem to be accessing OWA via Opera, but I can't. Is there a trick to it?

    5. Being that I can't connect to a computer via the USB cable, is there anyway to download such applications as Googhelper? The instructions on the site say that I should download to computer then connect BB. Any ideas?

    Thanks alot for helping out!
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