1. kimmielou's Avatar
    Hi! Brand-new user, I'm hoping someone can help. When AT&T first set up my BB they used a phone number just to set it up with the intention of porting my old cell phone number to my BB which they did. My BB screen however, still shows the initial number AT&T used to activate my phone as "My Number". Does anyone know how I can change this? It is dialing into and out of the correct number.

    BTW, using this forum, I was able to search for and get answers to about 20 questions - thank you so much!
    11-08-07 03:17 AM
  2. blighter's Avatar
    Go to Settings\Options\Advanced Options\Sim Card. Highlight the phone number and hit the Menu button and there is the option to "Edit Sim Phone Number.
    11-08-07 05:24 AM