05-25-09 02:26 AM
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    Well that must be where my problem lies...I had to install all new security stuff the other day. As far as the restore and roll back, probably outta my league.
    I sure do thank you for all your advise!! You were a huge help!!
    Since you said that you installed new security stuff, it might be a firewall problem. I know that I had a similar problem on my laptop when I tried to connect my bb to it. I had to enable permissions for it to be registered as a safe device. As for rolling back the computer it is pretty easy but you have the chance of losing that new security stuff you installed. If you decide that you want to do this go to start> all programs> accessories> system tools> system restore. Then choose restore my computer to an earlier time and click next. Now pick a day on the calendar 3 days or more before the event. If there is a restore period for that day it will be bold in the calendar and a event listing what was done and the time will be in the panel to the right of the calendar. Choose one of those events and click next twice to do the restore. But like I said don't do this unless you are willing to lose that security stuff that you installed. Sometimes it will keep the apps that were installed after the day and sometimes it won't.

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    05-24-09 06:27 PM
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    well it wont let me do it....period. I tried several different dates and it said no-go....this is crazy, time for a new PC!!
    05-25-09 02:26 AM
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