1. JRoman2k10's Avatar
    Ok we've all had time to digest RIM's NYE effort and for good or bad it was a start now for a little fun. Those of us in the states know that the next big advertising event is just a month away (something about some kind of game as I recall ...) It was at this event that a certain tech company managed to iconically brand itself into the public consciousness through a very clever piece of advertising. so where am I going with this? What if RIM (as part of their marketing push) wiggled into a spot at this event. What woud You like to see and even more important how would you portray RIM? Would you use a celeb, try the humor route, or tout the facts.. Maybe someone may get a clue over in marketing
    01-03-12 11:26 AM
  2. Mic2cool's Avatar
    They need to get back to what they do best. Make working machines for the Corporate sector. I realize that with iOS and Android the market is tough right now and they are trying to create a competitive edge with fancy slide phones and all touch screen devices. But I feel RIM really got away from their roots with the Playbook and all these devices that appealed to the younger generation. They just cant compete with iPhone when it comes to the games and apps. They made a step in the right direction with the Bold 9900, they just need to drop the glam act and focus on what they do best, making solid mahcines. Blackberrys arent toys.
    01-04-12 02:59 PM
  3. CJH315's Avatar
    It's a shame but we live in a materialistic society. Put a product in a star's hand and everyone must have that item. Look at the Air Jordan basketball shoes...people were going crazy for those and he doesn't even play anymore. We see all these sightings of celebrities carrying their BlackBerrys, well get them in commercials supporting the devices. And stop talking about the technology inside so much. Only those here on CrackBerry and tech writers want to know about that. The vast majority looking for the latest, greatest phones just want to know how it will improve their smartphone experience.
    01-09-12 03:02 AM