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    Thought I'd give my impressions here because I'm using this on my 9550.

    Made by a company called Rocket Fish, model RF-MAB2. I hadn't heard or read about these or the company. I was at Best Buy getting a new DSL modem and just stopped to look. I looked at the MotoRokr's, going for $100. These were $54.95 so I took a chance. Working pretty good after about an hour, have been listening to music and now watching a movie without problems. Sound quality good in video, better listening to music when audio tweaked Have taken a couple of calls, movie pauses fine when receive a call (OOAK 's 517/604 hybrid for those of you that want to know) and will go back to the movie fine after the call. Picks up right where it left off (although I have to manually press the "Play" icon for movies, but not for music)

    So far no issues. I think it was worth $55 bucks, we'll see how they go and update in a couple of days.

    Edit: Wore these when riding the Harley at highway speeds, was not the least bit concerned with them flying off. That's great! Could still hear my CD player and pipes with them on (loud pipes save lives and **** people off ;P). Not workable on the bike though, people can't hear me over the pipes and CD. But the noise cancellation took outside noise down a notch when I got a call which I thought was/will be great for normal use. They could work for other, quieter motorcycles, (Goldwing shaft drives?) but probably not with helmets, so use your own judgement there. These can start getting uncomfortable after awhile. The headband that goes behind your head is plastic and seems to press into the boney spot just behind my ear. I will need to get a little foam rubber to wrap around it in those spots. If I use black, it would not be noticeable. After original charge, batttery lasted for 3 full of hours watching a movie (and receiving calls and chatting some). That's not great but I've found the battery life to be better on these devices after the first charge and a nearly full drain before recharging. Will let you know.

    Anyway, just thought I'd give my opinion as I've tried other product and not been happy with them. This, for the money, I'm happy with after a few hours at least. Definitely worth taking a look at.

    Edit: Here's another review: Quick Review: Rocketfish RF-MAB2 and the iPhone 3Gs
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    Just a quick update, I've found these have really good range. I can go from my home office to the kitchen to get coffee without any problems listening to music. Maybe 50 feet. I will try later to see the max distance and update.

    Also, voice dialing with these is incredible! Using the wired headset or regular voice mic on the phone the voice dialing would get the incorrect name 8 times out of 10. With these, voice dialing hasn't gotten any wrong yet!

    I'm really really happy I didn't spend the extra money for MotoRokr name.
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    Does it have a microUSB charging port?

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    Unfortunately it has a mini-USB so you can't use the S2 charger ;( but everyone should have extras of those laying around to use for usb port charging.

    Did the foam thing and have been wearing them about 3 hours non-stop. Not uncomfortable, but my ears are sweating....

    Took the battery down pretty low last night and recharged to full today, they have been running music and calls for over 5 hours now, think it will go a bit longer before I need to recharge. My S2 got down to 30% playing the music and had to put it on the charger to continue, but not the headphones.

    One problem, the buttons that are supposed to forward and backward the playlist don't seem to work even though they supposed support A2DP but this could be the S2 or OS issue, not the headphones. I know it's the same with the iPhone in the article link above. iPhone doesn't support A2DP.
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    I just picked up a pair of these also. Coming from Motorola S9s, these are much better. Sound quality, battery life, and comfort are all improved. Plus you can get then cheap on eBay.

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    Now on a couple of days, these things are well worth the $55-$60 from Best Buy, if you can get them for a better price on eBay or Amazon, go for it. you won't be disappointed. Sound quality for music MP3's is very good. Not for audiophiles, but for the rest of us. The audio quality for MP4 videos is not quite as good, but I think that's more from the MP4's I have than the device. I've had these on listening to my MP3's and taking/making calls for 6 hours. My S2 was down to 40% battery but these are still going strong. S2 recharging and I'm still listening.

    The only real downside for these I think is the plastic neckband. It caused some discomfort at 1st (read back a bit) but has stretched adapted to me a little and I don't need the foam rubber anymore. But you have to be careful with these because it would be pretty easy to break the plastic.
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