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    I have the 8700c and seen on the 8700 that there was a upgrade in software. I have downloaded it to my computer but not to my BB yet. Wondering what the big differance is between the 4.1 and the 4.2 before i download it to my BB. How much better is it?

    Can anyone help me?
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    03-03-08 11:36 AM
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    03-03-08 12:36 PM
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    ok I downloaded it to the computer it up dated the computer version but it didn't tell me to upgrade my BB. I think i did everything that i was supossed to.

    Does anybody have any advice?
    03-03-08 02:58 PM
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    Did you check to see if you already have the version installed on your phone? Options > About > third line down. Upong plugging your BB phone in and launch app loader it should say something about new software. If not, then you probably already have that version installed or it is not compatible for your phone.
    03-03-08 03:07 PM
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    When I check options it says that I have the 4.1 version. When I it in it doesn't say new software, so I guess it's just not compatible. I guess I will just have to wait until differant software comes out. At least the desktop software is the newer version (4.3).

    03-03-08 03:48 PM
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    You need to go into C:>program files>Shared>RIM>Apploader

    Then delete the vendor.xml file
    This will allow the new OS to be installed to your BB.
    I am assuming you DL example, a TMO software for your ATT.

    The vendor.xml is a file that restricts what BBs a software can be installed on.
    Try that, then open your DM, and run the Application Loader, that should do it!
    03-03-08 04:01 PM
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    ok i have found the vendor.xml file and deleted it. it still won't come up? what TMO software are you refering to? maybe that's it. I still don't know

    Thanks for helping to all
    03-03-08 07:09 PM
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    Hey Sunkast and cjcarbone, thanks for all the help. I found CJ'S post on the 8700 form. Some how I missed it before. What my problem was is that I was just DL the software for the computer not the BB. I found the link for the software on another post. All is good now. Now I just have to figure out this software, after i just kind of figured the other one out. LOL.

    Thanks agian guys. CB and the people on it truely are some of the best.
    03-04-08 04:54 AM