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    I just got a blackberry 8830 WE and i can't figure out why when i get a new e-mail the red star that shows up for new sms messages or blackberry chat messages doesnt show up for my new emails? i have been playing with my phone a lot and i am just wondering if i accidentally set something wrong. if anyone whose phone DOES show the "star" when they get new mail could post exactly what settings they are using for messages that would help a lot. because the icon was showing up earlier today and i am afraid i have changed something and i now cant remember how to change it back to that the indicator comes back when i have new email. its not really a big deal, but it is a little annoying to not be able to just look at the "mail" icon and tell if i have new emails or not. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
    09-11-08 11:00 PM