07-03-08 07:04 PM
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    After a TON of research, I use the Nokia BH-200. This one fits fantastic (I wear glasses) and works flawlessly, and it's only $30 to boot! No way I'm spending $100 on a jawbone!

    With that being said, I ONLY wear it in the car (most times not even then) because it looks pretty stupid. I definitely don't want to be that guy, and I don't want that for you either!
    07-03-08 07:03 PM
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    I am not even gonna bother with a headset because my new car is going to have Bluetooth in it but the car I have now doesn't have it so I will have speaker phone on or just deny it when he says you were on the phone do you have a picture if not then what proof? I've won in court on something much worse I reckon I can do it again

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    Be careful with this! We've had this law in NY for a few years now and they definitely hand out tickets. Denying it to a cop would just **** them off. AND btw, if they wanted to take it to court, they could, and then get your call log and prove you were making a call around the same time you were pulled over.
    07-03-08 07:04 PM
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