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    I shouldn't really mention this as I'm sure some apple fanboy will run over and mention something to Apple and they will patent this... But... I was wondering if I would be the only one to enjoy this feature. So I was driving across Okinawa to get to a guitar shop (It takes forever cuz the speed limits are like 30KPH) and listening to music. I was streaming bluetooth to my stereo as I normally do when my phone rang and I ended up chatting for over an hour in my drive around town. That's when I got this brilliant idea...

    So when the phone rings the music is paused so that you can choose to answer the phone or ignore the call whatever. It's basically so you can hear that the phone is ringing. Now my idea here is that if you enable the feature that when the call is answered, the music will then begin to play again but at a much much reduced volume. You could even choose. That way you could have a little tunes still playing but very clearly hear the person as the music is reduced like 80 or 90 percent.

    What do you all think? Windows 7 does this for some things but it doesn't pertain to a mobile device. So yeah reply here and maybe the people with some pull around here could forward that up to RIM to implement in BB10. How about it Kevin Be sure to give me credit though haha.
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    You can make an app for this, but for many it wouldn't be of a major use, so don't bet on this idea
    04-01-12 05:49 PM
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    My gf's 4s does this already. Fangirl beat ya to it. Best way to start a war is open with the word fanboy, nice troll bait.
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    Make it an app and I'm sure people will download and use it even if another platform already does it.

    People will still use it. I think it would be neat.
    04-01-12 08:22 PM
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    Cool idea.
    04-01-12 09:09 PM
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    Poweramp on android allows this. Its a pretty cool feature. I don't use it much though.

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    04-01-12 09:32 PM
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    hmmmm as much as I would enjoy an app... I think it should just be built into the OS... but I guess not as many people love listening to music as much as I do ahha. I don't go anywhere without listening to music.
    04-02-12 12:06 PM